Google Create a Quantum Processor, and SEO Spider V12 Out Now – 25.10.19

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This week we’re talking about the latest photo app controversy, IGTV updates, Google’s quantum supremacy push, Screaming Frog news, and our very own Business Bar Crawl!

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What the heck is Quantum Supremacy? ????????


Gradient becomes another viral celebrity lookalike app with a sketchy story

The last couple of weeks have seen a new app explode onto the App Store charts, which allows users to compare selfies to photos of celebrities, in order to find their lookalike. Partly promoted by the Kardashians, the app shot to No.1 in the charts – and saw tons of interest across the online world.

Now, however, some users are complaining that they’re being hit with big credit card charges, thanks to a potentially confusing three day free trial feature – which moves into an automatically renewing $19.99 monthly subscription if it’s not cancelled. Many are calling the move a cash grab, and short lived copycat versions have been popping up on the App Store ever since – shamelessly trying to make a play for vulnerable users. 

With additional questions around the sketchy origins of the app, and a potentially flimsy privacy policy, experts are advising that people avoid uploading their photos into these kinds of apps. Read more over at Mashable


Instagram adds Series Option to IGTV

Instagram has added a new option to IGTV, designed to let creators segment their videos into dedicated collections – like a series.

The Series option will help creators “better brand their content, and encourage return viewing, by giving their series a dedicated label”. There will also be an on-screen tab which viewers can tap to get notifications of new episodes, helping them to follow through without missing any.

Instagram has no doubt been influenced by the Snap Originals content over on Snapchat, which has been gaining momentum of late – with more than 100 Snapchat Discover channels achieving tens of millions of viewers each month, on average. YouTube also offers similar categorisation through its Playlists, although IGTV’s tool is more in line with encouraging repeat viewership of specific shows.

While IGTV has never quite taken off in the way the platform hoped, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be rolling over and giving up just yet. Take a look at the full story at Social Media Today


Google confirms ‘quantum supremacy’ breakthrough

Google has announced that it has “achieved quantum supremacy” in a new article published in Nature, a scientific journal – opening the search giant up to scrutiny from the wider scientific community. 

According to Google, it’s created a 54-qubit Sycamore processor, which was able to perform a calculation that would take the world’s most powerful supercomputer 10,000 years to do, in 200 seconds. IBM, who own the original super computer, is disputing the findings – saying Google “failed to fully account for plentiful disk storage” when estimating how long their device would take to do the calculation in question. 

However, other people within the tech industry have praised Google achievement – with some scientists likening it to the first plane flight back in 1903. While quantum computers may not be usable for practical tasks any time soon, Google could finally have proven that they are indeed possible. Check out the details at The Verge.


Our Business Bar Crawl hit Folkestone!

Last night we held our very first Business Bar Crawl here at GIANT Towers, where we invited business decision makers to come and get inspired, learn something, and share their  knowledge with other like-minded people from the local area. 

Naturally, the event started in the bar, before moving down to Giant Space – our dedicated events space here in GIANT Towers. We were joined by tons of great businesses, all of whom have a shared interest in growing, adapting, improving, and changing the game. 

With workshops on going green initiatives, including how we can reduce our impact on the planet, as well as sharing advice on Brexit planning (sorry, we tried not to say the B-word), there was tons of interesting discussion around some of the biggest issues taking place in the business world today.

A big thank you to everyone who attended, including our very own Shaun and Ant for speaking, as well as Dan Knowlton, and Luke Quilter for hosting. See you at the next one?


Screaming Frog releases SEO Spider version 12.0 update

including a host of upgrades and improvements designed to boost usability and efficiency. 

Upgrades include a new “PageSpeed” tab, which integrates with Google’s PageSpeed Insights API to let users to draw on CrUX and Lighthouse metrics, while the “PageSpeed Opportunities Summary” could help identify opportunities at scale. Database storage mode is another improvement designed to make re-opening database files quicker, through using automatic saving when users wish to save their data to their hard drives instead of storing in RAM. Particular page and link elements can also now be exempted when crawling, helping to save on memory.

At GIANT Towers the team are excited by the update, and keen to put it to work – particularly thanks to it removing the need to do additional content extraction, and generally streamlining the process. Find out more about what’s included over at Search Engine Land


Facebook testing ‘Suggested Time’ feature when scheduling posts

Reports this week indicate that Facebook is testing a new ‘Suggested’ option within its post scheduling tools for Pages. The feature would give Page admins the option to target their audiences based on when they’re most active on the platform – potentially increasing reach and engagement. 

Images posted online by Facebook Page admin @GIFChaseH (and shared by social media expert Matt Navarra) show a new scheduling screen, with a ‘Suggested’ option highlighting what posting time is recommended to maximise engagement. This kind of tool already exists in a number of social media management tools, but this is the first time we’ve seen something native to Facebook. Using Facebook’s own internal data could help to generate better engagement-based results, and potentially be more reliable than recommendations from third parties. 

There’s no word on when a full rollout could take place, so we’ll have to wait and see how the test goes for now. Read more over at Social Media Today.



That’s all, folks. Check back next week for more digital news loveliness – same time, same place. 


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