With lots of things going on at Giant Towers recently, Luke and Ant decided to do something super awesome for all of us Giants, and organised a surprise team building day out to Thorpe Park!

We got to experience Australia in the heart of Surrey as we took part in the I’m a Delegate… Get Me Out of Here! jungle maze to test our survival (and team work!) skills to see who would rise to the top and get the most stars.

With each team’s endurance tested (thankfully there wasn’t any Australian spiders/snakes/any other creepy crawly surprises), the winning team was Mersudin’s team, who were aptly named “Team: I’m Better Than You” who managed to collect 18 stars.

We got to spend the rest of the afternoon going on all the rides, with some of our Giants truly reaching new heights (some eager beavers went on Stealth at least three times!) and concluded the day with a Giant dodgem rally on the Angry Bird dodgems.

We had a fab day! What team building experience do you recommend to us next?