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What are FAQ pages?

An FAQ page, in short, is a page full of frequently asked questions – a space for you, on your website, to try and provide solutions to customers from the get-go. 

Why do we need FAQ pages?

FAQ pages are a great way for customers and users to find answers to simple questions about your business, website or service. It saves them time, you time and is a great customer touchpoint to make their journey easier.

They’re also a great asset towards your SEO efforts.

How to write an FAQ page

Writing an FAQ page for your website should be nice and easy – because no one knows your business like you do!

Start by thinking about the questions you hear the most – the ones that come to your hello@ email address, the ones that pop up on social media, over the phone or directly from the customer themselves.

These could be understanding your pricing, shipping or further details about your products.

Even consider an FAQ being one of those things you find yourself explaining time and time again to potential customers – catch that problem early doors!

And when you’ve exhausted your brain thinking of those, use tools like AnswerThePublic to see what people are asking about the products or services you sell – because even if they aren’t asking your business directly, if you can provide an answer, they might consider using you!

How are FAQ pages valuable for SEO?

FAQ content can drive a large amount of highly targeted traffic to your website because it provides answers and solutions, showing to the likes of Google and other search engines that you are focused on helping people get the right information to make an educated decision on their purchasing journey.

How to optimise FAQ pages for SEO

Now you’ve got an idea of the value of an FAQ page for your website, and have thought up some of those Q’s… it’s time to optimise your page so it gets seen.

You want to start by making sure the questions and answers you choose for your FAQ page are clear and make sense. They need to be relevant to your users and the answer you provide needs to be clear, full of context and valuable. Not a yes or no response, but a detailed reply with foresight to what their next question might be.

FAQ pages aren’t blogs, so your answers don’t need to be long, they just need to be a small paragraph that answers a question in a clear concise way. Your answers also need to be truthful and factual. If they don’t make sense or aren’t straight facts, it will make your website irrelevant and untrustworthy, which ultimately will negatively affect your SEO ranking.

Something to be mindful of when creating your FAQ page is duplicate content. For example, if you have a blog post on your site that answers a question you are including in your FAQ page such as ‘what is SEO?’, you want to try to avoid duplicating the text from the blog into the FAQ answer.

Duplicate content will have a negative impact on Google’s ranking, therefore the best way to avoid this is to come up with a new and concise way to answer the question for the FAQ page.

FAQ pages are also great to help with your website’s internal linking structure. When writing answers for questions you can incorporate links to other areas of your site e.g. if someone asked a question about a cost of a service you could link back to that service page. This will help with the usability of the site and internal linking which will help Google bots when crawling your site. 

Another thing Google will consider when looking at your FAQ page is making sure the structure of the page is usable and makes sense.

Posting all FAQs on one page can work for some websites depending on the topic and how many there are, however for some it can be useful to break FAQs into topics on separate pages and have one main FAQ category page as the ‘hub’ for all the topics.

Doing this will help with keyword targeting as you can target specific topic keywords separately instead of targeting multiple topic keywords all into one page.


As you can see, FAQ pages are a super valuable resource to have on your website – from both a user experience perspective and as an SEO-friendly tool.

With the right levels of optimisation and some clever targeting and selection of questions and answers, you can start to drive more relevant traffic to your site, and improve your customer’s journey.

If you’d like any assistance with your SEO work, then take a look at our SEO services or our sister agencies SEO packages.


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