Facebook Updates Its Video Ranking Factors – Digital News Roundup – 10.05.19

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Happy Friday, news lovers. This week we’re talking about updates to SERPs and Facebook video rankings, a new retweet feature that’s got people very excited, and the return of the Jedi Box competition from Giant Campus!

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Google experiments with showing less relevant results in SERPs

Google has this week confirmed that it is trialing new messaging on search results, asking the user if they want to see search results that “may not be as relevant as they expect”.

Danny Sullivan from Google explained the experiment, saying that it’s “a narrow experiment focused on times when our systems detect there is little relevant content available on the web for the given query”. However, he went on to explain that the test appears to be “overtriggering” and showing for too many people, which will be investigated and rectified by the Google team involved.

The message, which says “Hmm… the results for your search don’t seem very relevant”, is causing concern amongst experts, with some saying it could cause sites to lose out on traffic coming from the SERPs. Or could it just encourage people to make sure that their content is as relevant and well optimised as possible? Perhaps only time will tell. See more on the story over at Search Engine Land.


Facebook updates its video ranking factors

This week saw Facebook announce a series of ranking updates for videos, designed to “prioritise original videos” and help creators see more success on the platform.

As part of a mission to help Facebook users discover great videos from creators and brands, as well as making life easier for the people behind the videos, the social media giant has announced an update to three factors that impact its video rankings.

The updates focus on loyalty and intent, video and viewing durations, and originality. While these aren’t entirely new factors, Facebook has said that it will be “strengthening their influence” when it comes to determining video distribution. More weight will be added to videos that people “return to week after week”, as well as to videos that keep people engaged for longer. It will also continue to deprioritise “unoriginal or repurposed content”, saying that monetisation and distribution for these kinds of videos will be strongly limited.

The changes are designed to benefit Pages and users creating original content, with Facebook saying it’s committed to helping “great video makers reach more people on Facebook”. Take a look at more detail over at the Facebook Newsroom.


Google will now allow users to “auto-delete” their web browsing history

In a bid to adapt to ongoing laws and regulations around user data, Google has announced that it will give users the option to “have their search and location histories deleted automatically after three months” – granting further control to users on how their data is handled.

The auto-delete function could be selected to kick in after three or 18 months, without users having to take any direct action. The delete functionality will focus on browsing history and geo-location data, although it is not thought to include YouTube histories or voice commands issued through Home and Assistant.

The move has been heralded as a response to a tumultuous few years for the search giant, with uproar after uproar – from tracking users wherever they went, to admitting that human reviewers listened to the commands people speak into the Google Assistant.

Google has said that the capability should go live “in the coming weeks”, so it will be interesting to see how many people take up the offer. Read more on the news at Digital Marketing Magazine.

Get excited people – Twitter now lets you add photos, videos, or GIFs to retweets

We had started to think we’d never see the day, but this week saw Twitter FINALLY announced that users can now add images, videos, and GIFs to their retweets/quoted tweets. WOO!

Twitter has come out and said that while it appears to be a small addition, it was actually difficult to design. “We found it was challenging for people to quickly understand all the content in a Retweet with media. This was due to the layout; two large tweets stacked on top of each other,” a spokesperson said. The fix was to still show the original tweet, just in a smaller, indented box.

The new feature has rolled-out across Android, iOS and Twitter’s mobile website, although so far there’s been no appearance on desktop. Many brands and users have already begun making the most of the feature (including us…), and we don’t see the novelty wearing off anytime soon. Check out more on the story at The Verge.

Google announces that it will add augmented reality functionality within search

Google has used its I/O keynote to show off new augmented reality search technology, with a view to rolling it out over the course of the next year. The 3D augmented reality models will show in SERPs for certain queries, allowing you to do things like seeing a pair of shoes you’re thinking about buying in the “real world”.

A few examples of how the AR SERPs could work were shown, such as seeing a model of human muscles if you search for musculature – with the option to overlay the image on a camera feed, too. You could also preview a piece of clothing against something you already own using the same technology, which could revolutionise the way people shop online.

Reports state that the 3D AR objects will start appearing in search results later this year, with  developers able to add support for their own objects with the help of “just a few lines of code.” Google is supposedly already working with big name brands like NASA, Samsung, and Volvo to add support for their 3D models, although there has so far been little information on how many searches will end up delivering these AR results. Read more on the story at The Verge.


Return of the Jedi Box: are you in?


To celebrate May the 4th, our sister brand Giant Campus has relaunched its infamous Jedi Box competition – meaning you’re once again in with the chance of winning an absolute sith load of cool stuff!


The prize includes a bunch of Star Wars swag and other geeky-related goodies, as well as a state-of-the-art Darth Vader electronic helmet – meaning you can become your office’s very own Vader!



Not only do you win all of this cool stuff, but you’ll also get tickets to attend four Giant Campus workshops – covering everything from PPC, SEO and LinkedIn optimisation to the ins and outs of social media. Tempted? Of course, you are. All you have to do is fill in this super quick form – and who knows, maybe Darth Vader will be coming to your office. Time to start thinking about if you’re going to share your prizes…



Another four day week complete – isn’t this a lovely time of year? See you back here next week for more digital goodness.


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