Facebook introduces Cryptocurrency – Digital News Roundup – 21.06.19

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This week we’re talking about Facebook introducing a new crypotcurrency that will change the marketplace. A brand new addittion to the Pokemon Go family and Google makes changes that could effect your ranking.

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If you had told us a few weeks ago that some of the biggest digital news stories of one week would involve an app helping you to catch Pokémon in your sleep, and Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency, we would have thought you were crazy. But it’s June 2019 and here we are.

Welcome to another digital news roundup. A summary of some of the biggest news stories from the world of digital, all condensed into one, bite-sized blog.

Spotify allows advertising the option to hit you right in the podcast

Kicking things off, Spotify users with a paid account may have noticed quite a few changes rolled out on the platform this week, with a big focus on making podcasts more accessible. These were paired with the announcement that Spotify would be introducing new advertising options allowing businesses to target audiences based on specific podcast genres.

These changes reflect an ongoing move from Spotify to monopolise on the growing podcast market. With U.S. podcast ad revenue up by 53% in 2018, it’s easy to see why.

New targeting options always provide greater flexibility to advertisers and this change seems like a natural next step and one which will ultimately help marketers wishing to break into this lucrative audience. There will be plenty of perfect pairings for businesses and podcasts, though we are still struggling to work out what this would look like for, ‘My Dad wrote a porno’…


Preferred domain setting function dropped from Google Search Console

This week Google announced that some big changes were coming to Google Search Console, in the form of the preferred domain setting feature being dropped from the platform.

Until recently, Google offered people the option of choosing whether they wanted to display their website with the conventional, ‘www.’ or cut it out entirely in place of a shorter URL. Typically there has never been a consistent rule about which was the better option, and now it looks like Google have chosen instead to take matters into their own hands.

That doesn’t mean that users won’t have any steer on their preference though. Instead Google will now look at the way that URLs are defined across your website, using signals such as canonicals and sitemaps to choose the most appropriate version.o if you want to keep it one way or the other, make sure it is consistent across your site.


Twitter remove geo-targeting features

Twitter announced plans to remove geo-targeting functions from its platform because, well, no one was really using it.

You’ll still be able to add a location to your Tweets and tag places into photos, you just won’t be able to add the precise location using the companies integration with mapping services such as Yelp.

The move really highlights the different ways that users interact with Twitter specifically, especially when compared to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Instead of rallying around locations which have been popular on other channels, users of the platform typically have been seen to use more location specific hashtags.

It’s a sad day for Twitter stalkers, a slight win for privacy advocates, and for everyone else, it’s probably just another day.


Facebook unveils new cryptocurrency – Libra

If you look at this week’s horoscope, I doubt it would have been able to predict that Facebook would choose to put their efforts behind a new cryptocurrency. Though there have been rumours circulating for a while, Facebook announced this week that it would be one of the companies involved in The Libra Association.

The association will involve a number of other companies including MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, Ebay and Uber, all who have massive stakes and clear benefits to game from being involved in a cryptocurrency.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that tend to fluctuate more widely than a hot air balloon in a hurricane, the Libra Association have said that their currency will be tied to a basket of assets which will anchor it’s value.

Time will tell if people are willing to take a chance on the cryptocurrency, and more specifically, the company behind the Cambridge Analytica Scandal with their money. There is one thing we call all agree on –  The Libra Association sounds exactly like the kind of name you would give to a James Bond-esque villain organisation right?

Social media produces the same addictive behaviour as slot machines do

In less than shocking news, the brainy people some clever researchers at a clever university have discovered that social media produces the same addictive behaviour as slot machines.

Natasha Dow Schüll, associate professor at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology spoke to BBC this week about how people just can’t get enough of ‘likes’ on social media, and how this can greatly affect our overall mental health.

Social media, particularly Facebook, has been under fire frequently in the last few years with regards to its effects on mental health, with Mark Zuckerburg talking about it at most notably in January last year.

Despite some changes to the algorithm however, people are still spending longer and longer online, searching for that next dopamine fix.

So like and share this article…please?


New app to help you catch Pokemon in your sleep

Are you one of those people who still can’t tear yourself away from Pokemon Go? Well now, you might not have to.

Following on from the worldwide phenomenon that was Pokemon Go, launched in 2016, creators, The Pokémon Company have now set their sights on turning “sleep into entertainment”.

The official description has been released which describes the app in a bit more detail; “Pokémon Sleep aims to turn sleeping into entertainment by having a player’s time spent sleeping, and the time they wake up, effect the gameplay.”

Though there is no official release date confirmed, it’ll soon be time to embrace your inner Snorlax and catch all those z’s.

That’s all folks


That’s all for now guys, join us next week for more industry news from around the world or check out or blogs below if you just can’t wait that long.

How are we halfway through June already? Scary stuff. Check back next week for more digital news – it’ll be here before you know it.


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