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For the last two weeks, we’ve hosted Kent EP Scheme student, Yuni, at Giant Towers to show her the ins and out of agency life ????

This two-week work experience is part of the Employability Points Scheme run by the University of Kent, rewarding students with experience of work for their active involvement in co-curricular activities.

As a business, it’s a way for us to engage with local students and support young professionals looking to get into the wonderful (at times) world of work.

Yuni, who studied at the University of Kent, worked across all areas of our business for the last two weeks – including the data team, search account teams, operations, brand and marketing and commercial. 

Yuni put together this about her time at Giant Towers.

University of Kent | EP Scheme Student | Yuni | Sleeping Giant Media

“The best thing about working with Sleeping Giant Media is that I’ve experienced all the work from all the departments. It’s been a great chance to gain real insight into digital marketing.

Every task I’ve gone through was enjoyable and unforgettable.

Thank you, everybody. It was a pleasure to work with all of you!


All I need is a box of Red Bull to work with the Data team!


I had lots of computer work in the data department. I used a programme to check if there are any missing Google Analytics of Google Adwords code in all customers’ websites. 

Can you believe that I didn’t even know what Google Analytics was? Well, I do now!


Looking for a party with the Commercial team


I was searching for networking events as well as creating a gift list for clients.

Working with the commercial team gave me valuable insight into marketing, how to satisfy customers and create a relationship. And please, dear sir/madam, do love my gifts.


Digital Creative team


I analysed a company through the marketing funnel and made a marketing strategy from this.

Researching the company, thinking about audiences and structuring content. It was an enjoyable task that will be an invaluable skill in my future career.


To make a video in a day with Brand & Marketing


Making a video from the beginning to the end is an opportunity which is not easy to get.

It includes not only shooting the video, but also researching concepts, writing a script, editing, and uploading to different platforms.

Amber, Danny and Alex are a perfect team who are able to do all of this work in a day.

And, without Shaun’s sense of humour, the video wouldn’t be as funny!”


“Working with the University of Kent, it’s clear that their students are passionate about preparing themselves for the future. The EP Scheme offers them a fantastic opportunity to get involved in an array of extra-curricular activities, including charity work, leadership experiences, and learning outside their courses.

With ethos’ like that, it’s no wonder we like to find those that want to get a head start in their career, and give them the chance to experience life in a digital marketing agency.

Introducing people to a job that’s filled with creativity, quick-thinking and expertise is something we think is important for furthering the industry, and we are always happy to involve ourselves in this exciting venture.”

– Nell Sanders, Head of People.


We all enjoyed working with Yuni during this period and wish her the best of luck in her future career.

If you’d like to see the result of some of her work with us, she helped research, script and film the below episode of Digital News Roundup.


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