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Every business and their grandma is on Twitter, and it can often feel like you’re just tweeting out into the abyss – so, is it worth it?

Twitter plays host to a lot of different things – from political views to people live-Tweeting commentary to their favourite TV shows. If you ever tried to browse Twitter while Love Island was on, you know what I mean. However, it also plays host to a massive array of brands and businesses trying to make their mark on their target audience while they scroll through their feeds. But is this their place?

Twitter has long been a place where brands can make a positive impact on their customers. Previous stats have found that around 47% of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit that company’s website, showing the power that a social presence can have on increasing referral traffic.

And while Twitter has started to see a decline in the past year for the first time, it can still offer businesses a lot of opportunities when it comes to engaging directly with their users. Three-quarters of companies who have an online presence are now said to be using Twitter for marketing purposes, showing that the platform definitely isn’t dead just yet.

Customer first

One of the key areas where Twitter allows businesses to make a positive mark is through great customer service. Some of the brands really succeeding on the platform are doing so by providing a place where users can turn to ask questions, voice concerns, or give feedback – and know that they’re going to get a response. As a company, you can take advantage of this by committing to responding to comments and mentions and using this opportunity to show users that the brand really cares about each person’s experience – and wants to do more to ensure that they’re happy. If you’re a brand that likes to be human, friendly, approachable or any of the other lovely heart-warming adjectives out there, then boosting your customer-facing profile on Twitter is a great way to put your money where your mouth is.

There’s a lot of value in taking this customer-first approach, too. One survey found that 96% of people who had a positive customer service experience on a brand’s Twitter would make another purchase from that brand, which means if you’re looking for loyal customers (and you probably should be) then Twitter could give you a helping hand.

Think of the engagement

With over 330 million monthly active users on Twitter, brands have access to a wealth of super engaged, digital-savvy customers just waiting to engage with their content. However, to make the most of this, you have to be doing things right.

Online users aren’t stupid, and if they spot a brand whose entire profile is just trying to flog them products, they’re going to run a mile. To make sure you avoid this, keep a personal feel across your brand channels, and make sure that it’s a two-way street. Sure, you’re allowed to promote the odd product if it’s relevant, and you certainly can shout about the great content that you’re writing, but also make sure that you’re engaging in conversations. Chat with people, offer advice or opinions, and generally just try and ensure that you’re not just a lone profile talking about itself over…and over….and over again.

The increased character count in Tweets – up from 140 to 280 – can also give brands more scope to be engaging. Data has shown that despite some initial reluctance following the move, these longer length posts typically generate more engagement – so use them to your advantage. Just don’t overdo it if you don’t need to – no one likes watered down content.

Join the community

Ultimately, Twitter is all about community, and the businesses making their mark on the platform know this.

If you’re a business on Twitter, then there’s are tons of things you can do to add value to your customer’s lives. Decide what you want your profile to stand for – and then put those goals into action. Whether you’re going to set up a dedicated customer response profile, like Sky, or create a portal to share your brand voice in a funny and engaging way, like Innocent, choose what your good at and what you want to be in order to succeed.

While you can mix and match, offering a blend of humour, product pushes and customer responses, picking a style and bringing value to the Twitter community is a sure-fire way to make your company’s social presence a hit on this valuable platform.


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