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Unless you have been living under a giant rock you will be all too aware of the rise of Tik Tok, and in particular TikTok trends that have been sweeping the internet. I mean, you don’t even have to look at TikTok to see the content. One look at LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram and you guarantee that that watermark will be somewhere!

(Word of advice, Instagram doesn’t like watermarked video on its platform, so always use an app to remove it before posting to your IG Reels (or make content bespoke to the platform, of course))

For those of you rock dwellers, TikTok, created in 2016, and with over 800 million users worldwide, is a video-based social media app that originated in China, and is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world!!

TikTok allows users to make and post short (and now even longer) videos with music, filters, and the video editing features never seen before on a social media app. With so much creativity possible, TikTok is popular among teens and young adults. 

The other USP of the platform is that algorithmically, it’s different from any other platform, it uses artificial intelligence to make personalised recommendations for users and, as they engage, they start to receive daily notifications and highly personalised content recommendations.

What type of audience are on TikTok?

Tiktokers. The creators
Before you dismiss TikTok as being for kids it’s important to understand how the world of TikTok breaks down. Most of the successful content makers on TikTok, or Tiktokers, belong to the digital natives of Generation Z.

This generation has grown up with digital advertising and are suspicious of the world of commerce. They can identify marketing tactics and as a result TikTok creates an environment for unique content that generates legions of followers.

These followers are aware of the latest trends and brands, they are suspicious of digital tactics and are drawn to fresh advertising ideas, mainly in the form of videos. This is what makes TikTok content and even ads so appealing. 

Are other businesses on TikTok?

If you are a marketing manager at a business questioning whether they should be moving to TikTok, rest assured you are not alone. So should you? With it all being so new, is it worth the investment?

Big brands think so. They are using TikTok to create huge brand awareness campaigns and to engage with a whole new younger audience, creating brand ambassadors in the process. And then using targeted ads directly, or influencer relationships on the platform, to make connections with their target audience. Some of these campaigns have blown up the internet and gone viral beyond the reach of TikTok.

What type of content works on TikTok for businesses?

The platform uses some really clever functionality within its editing app. This allows creators to produce content otherwise never available to them. These functionalities translate to trends over time. Allowing other creators to ‘tribute’ and do their own version, generating instant virality.

The creative options available have also created a whole new type of content that previously only existed in the heads of creative people. Genuine, sincere, authentic and LoL-friendly content drives real impact across the platform. 

This is why historically it can be really easy to fail as a business when on the platform. Your CTA won’t work around here! You’ve got to make something bespoke.

How To Succeed As A Business On TikTok

TikTok can help you generate brand awareness and exposure for products and services, as well as help you to engage with a broad audience. If you are going to take the plunge, here are some tips.

1. Don’t go there to sell. Think of the original motivation for the platform. If users don’t like the first 0.5 seconds they are out of there, so this is a platform to entertain, not just convert.

2. Show the personal side of your company with a behind the scenes approach and funny stories. This enables people to become aware of the personalities in the business, making your brand more trustworthy in the process. Essentially the things your work group chat would find funny would work on TikTok.

3. Comments, shares and challenges are simple ways to interact with your audience and even with potential business partners. TikTok can be a great outreach platform allowing multiple brands to collaborate through ‘Duet’ and ‘Stitch’ functionalities.

4. Be creative and experiment! Explore its advanced video editing suite to come up with videos or challenges that aim to engage with users and other platforms.

5. Recreate trends making them relevant to your sector, join in the conversation. For example, see our version of ‘Things in our office that just make sense’.

6. Other influential creators can help you, through collaboration and partnership. Their popular and contemporary content helps brands get closer to key consumer audiences.

7. Get real and have fun. This channel won’t define your business. A general rule of thumb is get someone involved who understands the platform, and then try and conquer it!

8. If in doubt, focus on educating users – due to the audience size, there is bound to be an audience out there interested in a more educational route surrounding your products or services. For example, Funeral Parlours explain how they prepare the deceased, or niche restaurants explain the origin of their ingredients.

Even the most mundane product or service can have a successful TikTok channel. Our sector shouldn’t be a limitation on our creativity. Set the trend for others in your sector to follow.

Even if you aren’t interested in TikTok right now, I recommend you  download and start using the app. Voyeuristically see what’s going on, you don’t have to film yourself doing a silly dance… but it helps.

I bet you find a business just like yours on there already doing something cool, and if you don’t, that’s your next opportunity!

So, do businesses belong on TikTok? I’ll leave that up to you.


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