78% of video content to be screened via mobile devices

Mobile-first has been a point of discussion in the digital world for a few years now, and, according to recent studies, video marketing is the next area to get the mobile message. A global digital video forecast has predicted 78.4% of viewers will use their mobile phones to watch digitally streamed content in 2018, while a quarter of the world’s population will watch some form of video on their mobile phone this year.


The article highlights that increasing mobile presence is now a must for small businesses, and Giant Campus’ video marketing professor, Rob Gibbs, agrees. “Mobiles aren’t just phones – they are a swiss army marketing tool. The mobile has become the first and foremost choice for engaging with all types of content. It’s a video camera, it’s a cinema screen, it’s a gateway to stories from across the globe,” he explains.


Find out more on these mobile predictions for the year in this article, or check out the intro to video marketing course from Giant Campus for tips on how to create your own video content.


Valentine’s Day 2018: Roses or memes?

Due to the influx of heart-shaped items, supermarkets stacked with roses and social platforms liberally scattered with people proclaiming their love for their better half, you probably noticed that Valentine’s Day was this week. Even Kanye West made his reappearance on social media to share the love, in true Kanye style.


Valentine’s Day is another event businesses incorporate into their marketing calendar. Campaign Live recently said that Virgin Atlantic’s 2017 Valentine’s campaign has been the most shared on social media for the past four years, with the airline using the momentum around Valentine’s to create a huge buzz.


For this year’s day of love, our sister company, Giant Campus, ran a campaign to show some love to all of the local businesses who are doing awesome things with their social media. Head to Twitter to check it out, or watch the video below for a sneak peek at what they got up to.



Whether you were feeling the love or not, one thing’s for sure – Valentine’s Day throws up some great memes. Check out the Evening Standard’s collection of the best Valentine’s quotes and memes to recap on the week’s best.


Snapchat launches analytics information for businesses

Snapchat has finally joined the realm of social platforms that offer analytics information to creators, designed to give users an insight into how their content is performing. Previously, the platform had rejected this idea, saying it was more for talking with friends than for business use, but with the rise of professional users making content using Stories, Snapchat has decided to get on board in order to remain competitive with other options like Instagram.


Now, the information provided will mean that users who create ‘Official Stories’, including media companies and brands, will be able t see information such as total story views over a period of time, daily unique story viewers, and audience demographic information – such as the top age bracket. Find out more from Net Imperative.


This got us thinking: do you use Snapchat for your business? Take our poll and let us know:

Google introduces Chrome filter

This week saw Google launch its Chrome filtering tool, dubbed by many as an ad blocking feature that’s destined to give the Internet giant even more control of the ad sphere. However, it’s not quite that simple, according to many industry experts.


The move, based on a survey of 40,000 internet users in 2017, could reduce the number of ads served by publishers quite significantly, on what is undeniably the world’s most popular web browser. Check out the findings of the study, including what ads are allowed to be shown on Chrome, in the video below, or head to The Drum to read the full article.

Instagram alerting users when people screenshot stories

Back when Snapchat broke into the market, one of its defining features was that it told people when their posts were screenshotted – removing the ability to take a sneaky snap of someone else’s content. Now it looks like Instagram is using that feature for inspiration, as they’re testing an option that notifies users when other people shoot screenshots of photos and videos in Instagram Stories.


A small number of Instagram users are now getting warnings when they screenshot a story, and they can see everyone who screenshotted their stories by opening up the list of story viewers – and looking for the new camera shutter icon next to usernames. PetaPixel has all the details.


Our in-house social whizz-kids commented on how this isn’t the first time Instagram has ‘taken inspiration’ from Snapchat, following the launch of Stories last year, as well as features like being able to draw on photos, use geofilters and interactive stickers. Take a look at this article in Paste for more examples of Instagram looking for inspiration.

Google ditches ‘view image’ button from search results

This week, Google has announced a change to the way users search for images. Photographers, artists and publishers have long argued that the ‘view image’ options in the image search, which allowed people to open an image alone, made it too easy for users to steal photos.


Google has now responded, with a change to remove this functionality and make it harder for people to take images and use them elsewhere. Google announced the change, with a view of what it will look like now, on Twitter:

The Verge reported on the issue, saying that: “While it’s good to see Google protecting photographers and driving traffic to websites, it’s still hard not to be a little annoyed by the changes. There are plenty of legitimate and legal uses for copyrighted images.”


Amy Kolsteren, one of our resident photographers, said: “I believe this is a great change for photographers, and will encourage more thought into where the image is coming from. It will help people make more of a connection to the original owner rather than ‘just grabbing an image from Google’.”