Bing Ads Rebrands & Instagram Gets Creator Studio – Digital News Roundup – 03.05.19

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Welcome to May! To celebrate, we’re talking about all the new developments from the F8 conference, potential charges coming from Google, updates to Instagram, the Bing Ads rebrand, and saying bye-bye to Apple’s Aperture. N’aww.

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The lowdown from Facebook’s F8 Conference


This week saw more than 5,000 developers and creators from around the world head to Facebook’s annual F8 event, which saw Mark Zuckerberg open with a keynote around building a more ‘privacy-focused social platform’ – no doubt in response to all of the controversy Facebook has faced over the past year.

Changes were announced across Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram (which you can learn more about further down!). Messenger, in particular, is being rebuilt from the ground up to make it faster and add in new features, including lead gen templates for businesses within Ads Manager.

Within Facebook itself, one of the key changes is a “fresh new design”, dubbed FB5, intended to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Another change is around prioritising Groups and making it easier for people to find and engage with groups of people who share similar interests. From group recommendations in more places to new features for different types of groups, the updates could make group functionality a prime selling point for Facebook moving forward.

Some of these updates will be in action right away, with others rolling out over the next few months, so keep an eye on your pages and profiles to stay ahead of the curve. Read more on the updates, including lots of other new features, over at Facebook’s Newsroom.

Will Google start to charge for Google My Business listings?


For those who aren’t so familiar, Google My Business is a free service giving business the option to update their company information, allowing Google to provide accurate local search results to online users. However, it may not be free for much longer.

Users took to Twitter to announce that they had received surveys asking if they would pay for the service, including updates around new features. According to the questions, Google could charge anywhere from $10 a month to over $70 a month for businesses to appear in the local listings – which would deviate from the standard Google method for monetising SERPs, which is through search ads.

A service going from free to paid is always going to cause uproar, but if it comes with new features – like tracking how many leads came from the GMB page – then perhaps it would bring additional benefits that could outweigh these potential initial costs. Only time will tell if the charges will come into play….

Read more on the story at Search Engine Land.


Facebook’s new page updates could allow owners to boost reach

Facebook has announced two new updates to its platform, designed to give page owners more tools to build awareness around their profiles.

The first tool involves the option to get unique QR codes, which can be downloaded and sent to people you would like to follow you. If they like the idea, all they have to do is scan the QR code to be sent to your Facebook page, and the rest is history. Page admins will also be able to see stats around QR codes within Insights, giving more info on how they’re working.

Another update is the Top Fans feature, allowing pages to dub specific users as Top Fans based on their interaction with the profile. Previously only in limited beta testing, now more page owners will be able to make use of the option and create content or posts specifically for this niche group of users – opening up new avenues for generating unique targeted content, which could create a sense of exclusivity amongst audiences.

All of the new updates seen across Facebook look set to give page owners more control over their profiles and the reach they receive, which could mean we see some exciting growth – not something Facebook has been synonymous with until now. Read more at Digital Information World.


Bing Ads opts for catchy rebrand: welcome the new Microsoft Advertising


This week saw Bing Ads rebrand as Microsoft Advertising, in a move emphasising “a focus on personalisation and AI”.

The Microsoft branding is said to herald a shift towards offerings that go “beyond search inventory and search data”, a change of direction from the last rebranding back in 2012, which was an initiative to focus specifically on search advertising. Oh, how things change.

In the announcement blog, Microsoft said the move is a “simple shift”, due to many “clients and partners already knowing us as Microsoft, and many are already tapping into our new advertising products that go above and beyond search, such as the Microsoft Audience Network.”

The move has been heralded as similar to the Google rebrand from AdWords to Google Ads last year, signaling an “evolution from keyword based search ads into one that supports many different ad formats”. You’ll spot the change straight away, with becoming, and the partner program becoming the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program. Learn more about the changes over at Search Engine Land.


Instagram to launch camera redesign and new shopping tags for creators


As part of an ongoing move to make Instagram a kind of “Facebook replacement”, the photo-sharing platform is now launching a host of new features designed to appeal to influencers, creators and online business owners.

Advances around shopping tags were one of the first announcements, which will mean “public figures, creators, athletes, publishers, and artists” are able to tag clothes they’re wearing, a functionality previously restricted to brands. This would allow followers to buy that item on the spot, all from within the app.

There will also be a new Create Mode within the Instagram camera, allowing people to “build a post from scratch”, instead of uploading an existing photo or video. With some influencers and brands building sizeable audiences using Stories, developing the capabilities of this format can only bring good things.

Some are speculating that this may be a move towards getting Instagram to carry the torch for younger users, who have been steadily disappearing from the Facebook platform. Find out more on the moves at The Verge.

Apple to finally kill Aperture photo editing software  after macOS Mojave


Aperture, Apple’s “professionally minded photo editing software”, will no longer operate on macOS after the current version of Mac OS, Mojave, is replaced in September.

The news doesn’t exactly come as a surprise to many, with Apple first ceasing development on the program almost five years ago – and launching Apple Photos in 2016 as a simpler replacement. However, until now users have been able to continue using Aperture if they choose, which will change in September when Apple releases its new, as yet unnamed, OS – and deletes the software for good. Le sigh.

Read more on the demise of Apple’s legacy software, including some suggestions around what to use instead (*cough* Adobe Creative Cloud *cough*), over at The Verge.

Ready for another long weekend? You know we are. Check out some blogs to make the day go quicker, or we’ll see you back here next Friday to celebrate another 4 day week. There’s always something to celebrate!



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