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What they offer created a new concept in courier and delivery services, a powerful tool to redefine the transportation industry and enhance the shared experiences of transport provider and consumer. The customer lists free what, when and where an item needs moving. The transport company will compete for the job by bidding. The customer can then ask questions, and, based on price and user reviews, decide whether or not to accept the bid. Every aspect of the service centres on giving the customer value for money, while enabling the transport providers to fill their vans and combine loads more effectively.

The brief

A completely new market proposition launched into a crowded and hyper competitive market sector. Sleeping Giant Media have worked successfully with to build awareness and profitability, of both the brand and proposition over a number of years.

What they think

“From the moment we started working with them, we could not speak more highly of Sleeping Giant Media. Conversion rate is a vital measure for any business and these guys have increased ours by 400% since launch. What we admire most is their hands-on approach to any task or targets we set. We even see SGM as part of the team!”

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