MacOS Catalina Causing Problems for Photoshop, and Twitter Using Your Private Information for Ads – 11.10.19

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Will this be the start of even more gifs on Instagram Stories? ????


Instagram is now rolling out a new ‘Create’ Mode to make it easier for users to use creative features in their Stories.

This week Instagram began to update user’s apps to feature its latest feature for Story content, the ‘Create’ Mode. The update doesn’t actually add any new tools to Instagram’s arsenal, but what it does do is make it easier for users to access its existing creative tools such as Gifs, Countdowns and Polls, whilst creating Stories.

You can see the create mode if you look at the camera options available when you use the app. The mode replaces the old text option that was available, instead allowing users to access its suite of creative tools from within the camera mode itself. Have a look and see if you have the feature already, and If you haven’t, you should expect to see if pop up within the next few weeks. Read more over at Social Media Today


Politicians rush to YouTube to reserve ad space for 2020

YouTube’s new Instant Reserve tool, which mirrors traditional television business where advertisers can book ad time in advance, went live this week, leading to a mad rush from US Democratic campaign teams booking their 2020 advertising slots.

With candidate elections kicking off in early 2020, the hopeful candidates aim to lock down key time periods and dates through the new Youtube tool. Of course, the real winners of this rush are YouTube which is expected to take in around $11.38 billion in ad revenue which is an increase of 20% from the previous year.

The Instant Reserve Tool is currently being tested with a large number of advertisers including media, consumer goods and political campaigns. Read more about this story on The Wall Street Journal.


Playstation 5 set to hit stores by Christmas 2020

Gamers ready your wallets, the next generation of the console war is set to kick off at Christmas next year.

Sony have announced the launch this week, teeing it up to compete with the already announced console from XBOX, currently known as Project Scarlett, which is also being released at the same time.

Not much has been revealed about the console at the moment except that it will feature a new controller that uses enhanced vibration technology, and that it will also feature a solid-state drive which will decrease load times and improve performance.

Expect more updates on this to come soon – hopefully with some game announcements to follow. GTA 6 anyone? Read more on this over at BBC News


Google announces two new reports within Google Search Console

Oh, we all love new ways to show off our fancy reporting data, don’t we? You’ll be pleased to hear then that Google has announced two new reports within Google Search Console.

The first and ever so concisely named “Video appearances in performance report” allows users to see video-only clicks and impressions, allowing you to get a better overall look at how your videos are performing.

The other new report, known as the “Video enhancement report” will help users spot potential video errors and warnings, allowing you to avoid any potentially damaging mistakes. Thanks Google. Further detail on this story on Search Engine Land


Twitter used phone numbers provided for security to target ads

Want to know who’s not in our good books this week though? Twitter. The popular social media platform has come under fire after it “unintentionally” used users phone numbers and email addresses for advertising purposes.

According to Twitter, no personal data was shared with third-party partners and the company has said they are taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Gee, where have we heard something like that before? Read more by visiting The Verge.


Photoshop and Lightroom Classic users told to hold off on updating their computers

Stop don’t do it! Don’t hit that update button!

If you’re a Mac user you may have heard about the big new update called macOS Catalina. While it boasts lots of new features, you might want to hold off if you’re an avid user of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom.

Users who have the update already have reported numerous compatibility issues, such as broken file extensions and downloadable plug-ins no longer working. Read more on this story by visiting The Verge.



And that’s everything from this week’s news update. And we didn’t even mention the word Brexit once. Okay well maybe twice. Doh.

Let us know your thoughts about any of the news articles in your usual social media places and join us next week for next week’s thrilling edition.


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