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Is your business ready for Brexit? ????????

As the countdown is seemingly on for Brexit, and since, as usual, the press is full of Brexit or Boris related news, we thought we’d share some of the ways we as a business are preparing.

We are, like the rest of the UK, not 100% sure what Brexit is going to hold for our business.

We’re also not letting the uncertainty get to us and living in fear. We’re actually, and don’t judge us… quite excited about the possible opportunities that could lay ahead.

However, to give us the best chance of taking those opportunities and making the best of them, we need to have the business in a place where we can react.

To help us achieve this constant readiness, and to ensure we can continue to deliver outstanding service with no dip in output, we’ve put a few things into action.

“Our view is to be ready for whatever. To be able to deliver an outstanding service regardless of external factors, and be primed to take any opportunity that the new situation brings.” – Luke Quilter, CEO.

Some of the key steps taken, or planned to are:

Ensuring the business can operate remotely and that customer service is not interrupted should the M20 or local public transport be disrupted for any length of time. This includes:

  • Ensuring we have a robust video chat solution (something we’ve been using more over the last 12 months for client meetings in the build-up to ensure tech is correct etc.)
  • Moving all GIANTs to laptops as their device to enable working from home and security
  • Ensure our working from home policy and the process is locked down
  • Ensuring our data protection/GDPR and cybersecurity policy and processes support our ability to work remotely at short notice.


Additionally, in September (only a few weeks away) we’ll be running a test of our process code-named “GIANT Brock”. This will see the entire business (other than those who can walk/cycle in) working remotely for two days in order to shake down the process and identify any potential issues that may arise.

This is going to be a great test and probably one we’ll have to enact in the future as the M20 and surrounding roads are likely to block.

In terms of other business planning, there’s been a lot of talk around disruptions, downturns and slow down. Most economists will talk about the need for cash, and the widely respected and understood mantra of “cash is king” in surviving a downturn.

Well, in our view, preparing for these is just good, sensible business planning and how we have always looked to operate. So, beyond the logistical and operational challenges that Brexit may bring in the short term, we’ve been planning to continue as we always have.

To be best the best we can be, making sustainable and sensible business decisions, whilst always staying focused on our mission to delight our clients, by empowering our people.

“With any change can come the risk of disruption, but there will always be an opportunity. We are looking forward to making the most of any and all of the opportunities ahead.” – Anthony Klokkou, Managing Director


So that’s just a quick insight into how we have and continue to plan for the future. We’d be interested to hear if you’re doing something too.


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