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Twitter, no Facebook, no… LinkedIn… I don’t know… does Tinder count?!

Seriously?! Which is the best social media platform for business?!

With so many to choose from it can be difficult to even know where to start! But not to worry, I’m here to talk you through the best platforms for your business based on your goals.


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So, social media. If your business isn’t on there, chances are, you’re missing a trick.

Whether you’re an aesthetically pleasing stationary company, or you’re a funeral director, there’s a place for you on at least one of the many social platforms out there.

Some people out there might advise you to stick to one platform only, concentrating your efforts where you can see a real return. But, how annoying is it when you’re a consumer looking to get in touch with a company and they aren’t on your platform of choice?

Having a presence on the big boys of social media is just good customer service!

You can pretty easily split your time out evenly across them, and quickly work out when, what and how often you should be posting.

But let’s take a second to break this down so you can work out for yourself where you might want to concentrate 10% more of your efforts…

Let’s go through the obvious social GIANTS; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Because all good things come in threes, apparently…


Twitter is the place to “see what’s happening”. Essentially, it’s like reading the news on the go, mixed with opinions (that you haven’t asked for), quotes and memes from trending tv shows and weird gifs…

But is it the right place for your business? Well it’s a great place to start conversations with potential and current customers. It ticks many boxes on the customer service front, if you do it right.

The types of goals Twitter is good for are;

  • Generating leads & sales
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Building a customer support channel
  • Creating a positive opinion with users
  • Building a community

Interacting with other brands and customers through Twitter can result in great brand awareness. It’s one of the easiest platforms for users to reshare/retweet your content, meaning that their followers then get the chance to see your content.

And, like I said, it’s the place to demonstrate your awesome customer service.

A lot of the time, users will interact with brands to either moan or congratulate them on their service. There’s no such thing as bad press, apparently, so both of these are opportunities for your brand.

So that’s a quick look at Twitter, perfect if you’re looking to conduct some killer customer service and increase your reach.


Facebook seems to be one of the fastest evolving platforms out there. Ever since it killed off the much loved Bebo, it’s evolved from a user only platform to the perfect place for businesses to engage with their customers.

Unlike Twitter and its fast paced news feed, Facebook’s algorithm sometimes means your posts are more likely to be seen by your followers.

The kind of insights you can get from Facebook are amazing and the level at which you can target people with your posts based on their interests is next level.

It’s a great platform for building brand loyalty with valuable and entertaining content posted regularly, keeping on their feeds as they scroll through and constantly reminding them you exist.

Having a Facebook page can increase your online visibility too, with certain aspects of your page being considered for SEO.

The types of goals Facebook is good for;

  • Building awareness of your brand
  • Consideration – getting people thinking about you and looking for more information
  • Getting people to convert

And all of these can be enhanced by the super tailored targeting you can use when advertising through the platform. Something which is super affordable by the way.


LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for B2B social networking.

If people are using it right within your network, it will be full of individuals sharing knowledge based on experience and looking to connect with those who can help their business and network grow.

You can position yourself as thought leaders through LinkedIn by sharing original content, tailored to the type of people you’re connected with as well as those you want to target.

It’s a professional networking platform, different from the others out there which are mostly for entertainment. So really, you could call it the adult… the mummy of all social media.

The types of goals LinkedIn is good for;

  • Generating sales & leads
  • Creating a professional brand
  • Reaching the right people
  • Building strong relationships

How is it good for your business?

Well, as I said, whether you’re a stationery brand or a funeral director, or maybe you sell a specific type of doors… your customers are on there.

It’s the place for you as a business, or an individual representing your business, to interact with others for marketing and partnership reasons, to help generate genuine leads and, best of all, present business quality through the content you publish.

It’s a professional, professional network.


Okay, I’m sure that was a lot of information, but hopefully it will help you decide where to focus your time on social media a little better based on your goals and objectives.

No matter what your business is, we’ve all got goals, so let’s hit them effectively!

Use the points we just went through to plan your next marketing campaign and let us know how it goes.

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