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Apps to help you take breaks from work (not kit kats, sorry)

How often do you take breaks during your working day?

With remote working it’s become equal parts harder and easier to take breaks – sometimes you can find yourself moving away from your desk every 30 minutes to do a load of washing, take the dog for a walk, grab a snack from the fridge, and sometimes, you just can’t stop smashing through a task and you only realise when you look up and see that it’s dark!

Science says we should be taking a 5 – 10 minute break from our work every hour, but how many of us actually do that?

Taking breaks can help prevent fatigue, boost your energy, help you become more creative and focused, strengthen your memory and renew your motivation. They also help you with that work/life balance that we all need to remember to work on.

As big digital advocates, we believe in the power of apps and digitised work/life balance activities, and for that very reason we’d like to share with you five apps we LOVE:



1. Calm



 Calm is a great app to use to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your focus and self-improvement. You can take 10 minutes out of your working day to refocus, practice meditation, listen to the morning coffee playlist before you start your day and even listen to famous voices such as LeBron James on ‘how to train your mind’. All of the Calm app functions are important for our day to day lives including helping us to sleep better for the working day ahead. Start your journey to a more relaxed and focused state of mind at work by downloading this app.



2. Giant App-Attack



Let’s move on to an app that will give you 10 minutes of fun and …. maybe a slight addiction if you’re anything like us! Giant App-Attack is a fun game with multiple levels to beat. It has big Candy Crush vibes but, let’s face it, it’s better! Beat the clock and match the tiles before it’s too late. The more you match the more magic you will see happen before your eyes and the points will start racking up! You will even be submitted to a leaderboard to compete against friends for prizes. Have a fun 10 minute break from your laptop screen with this app and re-invigorate your mind and motivation. A great one to help you find the joy.



3. Lake Coloring Books


For those of you who are more creative and seeking some relaxation and time to express yourself, Lake is a great place to focus your energy on a work break. They give you a range of colouring books for you to complete in your own time that have been created by indie artists which you will be supporting along the way. Colouring is a great way to practice mindfulness by focusing your brain, and also relieve any anxiety you may have. This app is a fantastic way to refocus and relax during a busy, stressful work day.



4. Down Dog



It’s important to remember to get up and move during our working day, stretching is really important for our mental and physical health after being sat at a desk all day. Down Dog will allow you to have a quick session of stretching, yoga, exercise or meditation. These are all great things to help with our working day, to keep you moving physically and help refocus mentally.



5. Reflectly



Reflectly is a journaling app where you can write down your thoughts and feelings from the day. It uses AI to help you reflect on those thoughts and feelings you have written down during the day. Reflectly is a great app to take 10 minutes out of your day with a cup of tea and write down how you think your day is going to refocus and reflect. You can then go back to it at the end of your day and the app will help you to look at and deal with the thoughts and feelings of your working day. This is great for mindfulness and dealing with any stress you may be experiencing during work.


So go ahead and download at least one of those apps (*cough* Giant App-Attack first *cough*) and help yourself to find that work/life balance, coupled with joy and motivation!

Improve your balance, re-motivate yourself, and be in with the chance of winning some awesome prizes.

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