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Small Steps, Giant Impact: How we help the Planet at Work

Here at Giant Towers, we make it our priority to not only deliver top-quality digital marketing services to our clients but also to look after the planet. 

While we have our very own environmental policy and company goals (like reaching a net-zero carbon output by 2028), we were curious to see what our individual giants do to care for the planet while at work.

Just how much of our green, clean, company culture has rubbed off on them? This week, we asked 8 of our Giants what they do to prioritise the environment in the workplace. And here’s what they said …. 

Switch it off!

Starting with a simple but effective tip from Callie: ‘I turn my laptop charger and ring light off when I’m not using them’. This is particularly effective for those who work at home, as it also helps to keep electricity bills down! When considering how Uswitch estimates that households, where people work from home use 25% more electricity per day, switching it off really, is a step we can’t afford to overlook!

On a similar note, another of our Giants, Jack, chimed in: “When at work, I always turn the radiators off when they aren’t required, and ensure that I switch the lights off behind me, especially at the end of the day”.

Cleverly, and fully embracing the digital side of digital marketing, Callie is also careful to never print anything out, in order to save paper. What’s more, she deletes any unneeded emails to not take up server space — smart move!

Take the stairs 

Billie likes to take things one step at a time — literally. Every morning, Billie tells us, she starts the working day by traversing the flights of stairs at Giant Towers, instead of taking the lift like most of us do.

This is no small feat, we call it Giant Towers for a reason. In her own words: “I can imagine it’s the same for everyone, but taking the stairs increases my motivation, improves mental health, and is a small green accomplishment before you start the day”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. 

Remember your gadgets & gizmos! 

Shaun decided to give us a bit of a rucksack tour as his answer to this one. 

For Shaun, the key to sustainability is all about gizmos… and consistency. But mainly gizmos. When asked how he looks after the planet at work, he responded with: “I ensure my work bag is full of reusable gadgets, like my Stojo cup, bamboo cutlery set, Bobble water bottle, and my foldable shopping bag (for those spontaneous purchases)”. 

While it’s really useful to purchase these reusable items (and they are everywhere at the moment), it’s even more important to make sure you carry them with you so you can actually use them. It’s all well and good owning a bamboo straw, but if you end up forgetting it and using a plastic one instead, you might as well have not bothered! 

As Shaun says, the products can be, “super helpful around the office or for when I go to meetings and events. I’ve relied on these tried and tested products countless times over the years”. 

Another thing that Shaun does is use his work benefits for eco-friendly purchases. This year, Shaun used his Profit Share to purchase a Fair Phone, allowing him to switch to Honest Mobile, a carbon-neutral service provider.

Opt for a packed lunch

Maya told us that she makes sure to bring a packed lunch every day to reduce her consumption of single-use plastics. 

As well as grabbing a reusable water bottle to drink from, Maya packs her lunch at home so that she isn’t tempted to go to the shop and purchase items that come with excess packaging. 

While many of our green-fingered Giants bring their own reusable cutlery and lunchboxes, they all know that the office has an army of crockery and cutlery for them to use if they need it. 

That being said, Maya also relies on the office facilities to dispose of any leftovers, telling us: “I always make sure to recycle when I am in the office. There are loads of different bins in the office for all sorts of different things, so recycling is really easy!”

We’ve tried to make it much easier for our Giants to make smarter choices waste-wise, so we have at least one recycling station on all three floors. This includes a small general waste bin, one for plastic, one for paper, one for metal, and one for glass. 

Go veggie when you can!

Sticking with the lunch theme, Sam told us that he tries to make more ethical choices when he can, particularly food-wise. In his own words: “I’ll typically try to opt for vegetarian lunches and snacks day to day in an attempt to keep my meat consumption down during the week – although I usually buckle when it comes to pizza during the monthly Company Catch Ups”.

Speaking of Company Catch Ups — that’s our monthly whole-business meeting — we always provide vegan options for our Giants if they fancy it.

Sam also works from home some of the time and offered the following tips for fellow remote employees. “I work from home more than commuting into the office, which reduces the amount I use my car each week. While working from home, I have the heating off or very low in the winter, instead opting for layering up like a polar explorer”. We wholeheartedly support all polar expeditions of this nature, Sam.


We also chatted to Alex, a member of our Brand and Marketing team, who told us that part of his job was to look into sustainable branding solutions. 

Alex makes sure to always consider the recycled and eco-friendly products first when choosing things like our notebooks and tote bags. 

Alex told us, “where possible, we look to support the businesses that are being greener in their approach to merch production.” 


Grow a green thumb

Recently, Charlotte has transformed into Giant Towers’ resident gardener, looking after all the plants in the office. When chatting to Charlotte, she told us how the people team do their best to practice sustainability in all parts of the office, even in the plant pots used to house our Giant saplings. 

Charlotte and the rest of the people team do a lot of research into the kinds of products we use in the shared facilities in the office. Just to name a few, Charlotte mentioned the refillable dish soaps from method, and the Who Gives a Crap toilet paper! 

Walk to work 

While we can’t all be lucky enough to live right next door to the office, some of our Giants live just round the corner from Giant Towers! 

Yumna told us that a big part of her eco-friendly strategy at work was to walk into the office, instead of driving or even relying on public transport. Walking to work if you can is a simple way of cutting down your carbon footprint and is, in fact, very effective when done on a mass scale.

According to a recent study, if 45% of all journeys under 6km were cycled or walked instead of driven, annual transport-related CO2 emissions would reduce by 0.12 million tonnes!

Not only is a brisk walk (instead of a car journey) in the morning good for the environment, but it’s good for your mental and physical health too. 


And there you have it! Those were some simple, yet effective, things our Giants do to prioritise the planet. Now, what do you do? Have a browse through some of our other blogs for more inspiration.

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