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What’s it Like Applying to Sleeping Giant Media for a Job?

Hi! I’m Kitty, an overly-keen Content Executive here at Sleeping Giant Media, who wants to share her experience with you.  I’ve been with Sleeping Giant Media for nearly a year now and I wanted to give you folks some insight into just what it’s like applying to be a Giant.

If you’re thinking about applying for a position with us (and there are so many on offer at the moment) but have a few reservations, this is the blog for you. 

Read on for a first-hand, unfiltered account of the application process, the interview, first day nerves, and the onboarding process from a seasoned pro (me).

Longing from afar 

I initially heard about Sleeping Giant Media in July of 2021 through LinkedIn (as so many of us have). I was just about to graduate and was looking for a fun first job where I could learn as much as possible and gain a supportive transition to the world of work.

After doing my research — ok, stalking — I’d followed the Instagram and was well-acquainted with the website. I was attracted to the bright colours and refreshing look of the company. Of course, I took the virtual office tour (desperate to see the notorious ball pit) and got stuck into reading some of the blogs — especially George’s ‘A Love Letter to Digital’. Nice one, George!

Then I found my way onto the ‘Meet The Giants’ page and felt comforted by how many creative-looking people I saw. I thought to myself at this point, ‘this looks like a group of people id like to have as colleagues’. After finding out some of the benefits of working at Sleeping Giant Media — for me, working from home and flexible hours are a Godsend as I have a dog!— it was settled. I decided to apply. 

Sliding into the Giant’s DMs…

After sending in my CV and covering letter to the Head of HR, Nell (a Queen), I got an email from a certain Kirsty Evans (Another Queen) about an interview. Kirsty’s email put my mind at ease in the friendly, encouraging way she wrote.

Before the interview, I had a few tasks to carry out (since then, it’s changed that we do this as step 2 in the interview process!). The first of which was to produce some sample functional content for a client’s product page. At this point, I had never had any content writing experience, but I stuck to the brief and gave it a go. 

Then, I was asked to make a brief presentation about the changing face of social media over the years. When I tell you I went to town on this slide deck…. I enjoyed the animations a little too much!

The interview! 

On the day, I had a virtual interview with Liz, the Senor Digital Creative Manager, and Justine, the Associate Client Services Director. I was very nervous to begin with but as soon as I joined the call, they put me at ease and we cracked on. 

I was asked about my approach to work, my passions, my future plans, why I wanted to join the company, and what I could bring to the role — what you’d expect. But then, the kicker, ‘What fruit would you be?’; a question we’ve changed, now, so no cheating!. After giving my presentation, I chatted with them both about company culture and even asked a few questions myself (look at me go!). Then waited to hear back.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the position the first time around, but a few days later Kirsty emailed me asking for another chat. Turns out they liked me and offered me another similar position — and I’m so glad they did! 

Alexa, play ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ by The Carpenters 

On my first day in the office, it was quiet! (I couldn’t imagine that now, mind, it’s always happy chaos!). When I started, the COVID-19 pandemic was still governing the workplace conditions pretty heavily. Nonetheless, I had the pleasure of meeting Kirsty in person as well as the troublesome Sam C (we love him really). 

Sam dazzled me with all of the equipment I needed to take home, including (but not limited to): A stand, a Macbook Pro, a laptop case, a travel case, a tote bag, a reusable cup, a notepad, a lanyard, a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, an ergonomic wrist rest, an ergonomic mouse mat, and a copy of Get a Grip: An Entrepreneurial Fable (Sleeping Giant Media’s Bible).

I received a full tour of the office — from the sea views to the endless different coffee flavours in the kitchen (Cheers, People Team). After which, it was time for me to fill out all of the forms and policies with Kirsty. Naturally, I had about 1001 questions. I then said a shy “Helloooo” to the whole team on the weekly Stand Up call before calling it a day. 


The next few weeks were a daze if I’m being honest. From meeting my team to joining calls with the Level 10 team members to get to know them, I was fully immersed into ‘The Giant Way’.

I discovered many #workperks along the way, most notably:

  • The banter in the company group chat.
  • The team lunches (Folkestone has some great food spots).
  • The endless training — on SEO, PPC, client comms, and even how to make my LinkedIn profile shine!
  • Lunchbreak walks to the seafront.
  • The ability to work from anywhere at almost anytime. 
  • The positive culture surrounding mental health.
  • The opportunity to get stuck in with company content like Giant Wednesday.
  • The Christmas party!

“Woah, we’re halfway there!”

At the 3 months mark, I was well situated within the company: I had a solid group of colleague-y friends (cute, right?), I regularly attended client meetings and developed a brand new set of digital marketing skills thanks to the Giant Campus training sessions. 

At this point, it would be important to mention the PDR (Performance Development Review)!! The Sleeping Giant Media team are ultra keen on you being the best digital marketer you can be. So, every 6 months, you have a meeting to check up on how you’re doing. This is an informal discussion with your manager and Nell that allows you to voice any concerns, track your career path progress, and celebrate your wins. 

After 6 months you pass your probationary period and become a fully-fledged Giant — which means two things: 1) Being pleased with oneself 2) A potential pay rise!

From here, you can take your Giant experience in any direction. I, for example, decided to get green-fingered and commandeer the Green Squad, writing blogs and producing our monthly Green Newsletter,

However, you could join any of the squads, the running club, book club, anime club, or even start your own!

Feeling inspired yet? 

Join the Giant side

Who knew applying for a job could be so easy, eh?  If you’re keen on us, we’d love to hear from you. You can see what jobs we have available on our careers page, and keep up to date with all things Giant on LinkedIn.


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