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What I love about digital marketing… a love letter from George this Valentines

Oh, digital, my one true love. Until someone at Google trips over a server cable, you’ll never let me down… if this weren’t a current-events poor taste reference, I’d love you so much you’d make me feverish, you’d make me feel rather viral, you’d make me feel a million likes and wake up every morning half smiling, half grimacing with a “what is UP YouTube!? It’s ya boi INFLUENCER here…”

Oh, digital, we’ve been through so much. You know the deepest aspects of my soul, you know things about me before I know things about me… at least until cookie tracking is reformed…

Until then, you’ll be my deepest confidante.

But you already know everything about us, my hopes for a fully-stocked woodshop, my desires for good quality wellies, the average length of my feet. So this letter will be an open letter to all those who don’t know the depths of our love.

Here’s everything I love about digital:


When digital makes my profits graphs look like this:

And my costs graphs look like this:

And my average page position look like this:

Digital makes old habits change quickly 🥰

We can make a change today and see the results tomorrow, babe. A PPC campaign not going well? Step back, eh. Let’s figure out some of our negative keywords and see what makes us truly click.

A social media strategy not going to plan? Let’s sit down and talk about it – and hell, babe if we need to throw some money at this to make it work then so be it!


Digital can be anywhere 💒

When things get hectic, you need a break sometimes… digital’s still with me when I need to get to the Bahamas for a long weekend with the lads.

She’s there to suggest great spots in Budapest, the best eateries in New York, the most authentic gastro-pub in Shoreditch. She just gets my taste.


Digital makes me feel like the one 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

It often feels like wading through the Matrix, but Digital knows I’m Neo. She makes me feel like the one. From tailored messaging about my truest desires, through to videos that will make me smile when she knows I’m feeling blue.


Digital, my darling, happy Valentine’s.


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