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The magical world of digital is a beautiful place to live and work, but, as with any job, it comes with its quirks.

Sure, it’s fast-paced and shiny and exciting – but it’s also a fairly new industry in the grand scheme of things, which can mean that there’s an ever-changing list of things just ready to be debated; once you’ve figured out what the abbreviation stands for. Don’t even get us started on that one, BTW.

So, is your digital experience the same as ours? Time to find out…

Your whole family thinks you work in IT

Question time – if I asked your mum, or your uncle, what you did for a living, would they be able to answer? In my case, it’s a firm no.

The ‘working in digital’ conversation seems to consistently translate, in ‘family language’, to ‘working in IT’ – resulting in a swathe of relatives asking if you can fix their computer, or help them do something on their phone. Start trying to delve into the depths of working in social media, or god forbid mention PPC, and you’re doomed. Plus, there’s an argument for it actually being worse if they do understand, when you find yourself suddenly being roped in to single-handedly run the website for your dad’s local 5-a-side football team – for free. Showing him how to open an email on his phone doesn’t seem quite so bad now, does it?


The ‘G-IF’ vs ‘J-IF’ debates rages on

The digital world is made up of tons of infamous rivalries. Apple vs Android, Spiegel vs Zuckerberg, and, of course, GIF-ers vs JIF-ers. The debate now forms one of the longest-lasting questions of the internet – and shows no signs of quieting down any time soon.

Steve Wilhite, the creator of the GIF, says: “It is a soft ‘G,’ pronounced ‘jif.’ End of story.”

Apparently though, that isn’t quite the end of the story. At GIANT HQ the debate rages on, with advocates of the soft G approach regularly clashing with those who just can’t let go of the GIF. And that’s not even the end. When you’ve worked out how to say it, then you have to decide whether you actually should be using them. After all, sending a cute cat GIF to your mate is a little different to putting it out as a brand. Check out the latest blog from Giant Campus on using GIFs in business to find out more about how to do it right.


When a platform goes down and takes you with it

Ah, nothing like starting the day with glorious plans to create a bunch of amazing content for a Twitter profile – only for Twitter to be down. Or, have ideas about jumping straight into the latest round of client reporting, only to find that the reporting tool you rely so heavily on has decided today is the day it wants to swap all of the date ranges around and generally f*** shit up. Wonderful.

The problem with relying so heavily on tools in the digital sphere is that they can, unfortunately, go down. And when they do, it can leave you wanting to launch things out of the window. At GIANT Towers we try to make sure we’re not putting all of our digital eggs into one tool’s basket – opting for multiple touchpoints that allow us to continue to do our jobs even if one programme goes down. Whether or not they admit it though, everyone has a favourite child – and when that favourite child lets you down, it’s never a good day.  


The internet is life

As more and more companies go paperless and using cloud-based systems to do day-to-day work becomes the norm, we get ever-more reliant on the internet to do our job. Which is why, when the internet goes down, all hell breaks loose.

The recent O2 data drop last week is a prime example – when suddenly businesses and individuals were thrown into a world of the unknown, where they couldn’t rely on their phones to get them around, give them information, or even pay for things. Dark, dark times. Fortunately, these major outages don’t happen very often, or we’d all have to suddenly remember how to read our own handwriting and actually speak to people in person. Ew.


Personalisation: blessing or curse?

In the digital world, we live a bit of a double standard. On one hand, we rave about how AI, tracking and personalisation allows us to get to know our audiences and target them in a super specific way. But, on the other hand, there’s a tendency to find the whole thing a bit creepy. People start to mumble about how their computers are always listening, and how they’re sure that they’ve never actually searched for the product they’re seeing ads for – only said it out loud.

One thing’s for sure, the personalisation debate is not ending anytime soon, so it’s worth taking some time to wrap your head around where you stand on it. As we reported last week, even supposedly de-personalised searches could in fact still be tailored to an individual, so perhaps there’s no escape…

So, do you relate? Let us know over on Twitter, or tell us some of the things that make you smile working in digital. Plus, while you’re there, check out Lord of the SERPs for some serious digital marketing nerd laughs – you can thank me later. After all, the digital world is a funny place to be. Try to remember that next time your Uncle Steve asks you why his computer’s being a bit slow.


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