Pinterest as a marketing tool for business


Yes really! You may or may not be surprised to hear that Pinterest is the 3rd largest social networking site after Facebook and Twitter. But isn’t it just for women to share pictures of cakes, fashion and weddings? Nope not anymore. More and more brands are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon and businesses that use Pinterest effectively have seen an increase in their referral traffic and, most importantly, sales. Now you can’t tell me that’s not impressive.

With around 12 million users worldwide Pinterest is not to be scoffed at. With some careful planning and a dose of creativity Pinterest can be an awesome (and very pretty!) way of attracting new customers and expanding your brand awareness. You can also harness SEO power through increased sharing and direct links to your brand’s website. To encourage your customers to follow you on Pinterest you can add nifty little badges to your site and also make use of the “Pin It” badge so that visitors to your site can easily pin images on to their Pinterest boards. Attract new followers and increase your exposure by running contests on Pinterest, for example users could create a board titled Ultimate Christmas Presents and pin images from your ecommerce site. Advertise these contests across all your social network profiles and offer a prize to the best board. Everyone likes the chance to win something. (Well I do!)

Pinterest have recently launched their business accounts so new businesses signing up can choose to open a business account instead of a personal one and existing accounts can be converted. Check out Pinterest for Business for more information.

Who me?

Yes! Pinterest could work for anyone. The obvious sector for Pinterest use would be B2C. The visual nature of Pinterest just cries out to be utilised for retail but it works really well for sales in any industry. Pinterest is more suitable for soft-sell tactics because it’s all about selling the dream. No-one goes on Pinterest because they want to see an online catalogue. Boards are curated around specific themes that sell a lifestyle image, much like home furnishing magazines or beautifully constructed shop windows. A good pin makes you go “Oooh!”.

There are also plenty of opportunities for B2B within Pinterest. Pinterest can be used as a window into the soul of the company and show the user that brands are people too. We all find things funny, have aspirations and adore cute kittens. LinkedIn is where you show your professional side but Pinterest is where you show your human side.

Small businesses can make use of Pinterest to build brand awareness without the need for a massive budget. Pinterest links in to the other major social networks, whenever the user pins or repins something the platform gives you the opportunity to share that action on Facebook or Twitter. This has the potential to increase your exposure even further.

The most important aspect of Pinterest is that pins are visually stimulating. You want to inspire likes and repins within Pinterest to increase your social exposure but you also want users to click through to your site. Users create boards for dreams and aspirations. They might be planning on redecorating their home and start pinning pins that give them ideas. Think outside the box and be creative.

To make the best use of Pinterest as a marketing tool you’ll need to set realistic and appropriate goals and then use analytics to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. This allows you to track what products are trending and see how they are faring against competitors. Pinterest marketing tools are cropping up all over the internet. These are services that will offer you the chance to schedule your pins, track trends and see how influential you are. With Pinterest’s new business offering, you can learn what people have been pinning from your site and discover which of your products or content is most popular.

So to wrap up, Pinterest can be a very effective marketing tool for increasing awareness of your brand, which leads to increased traffic to your site and more conversions. There are opportunities for all sectors and business types all it takes is a little thought and creativity.

Happy pinning everyone!

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