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Become a digital marketing rockstar with our selection of free, accessible digital skills workshops, delivered to you by practising professionals.

Gain yourself the digital skills necessary to success in the always-online world we live in and blow clients away* (*into your funnel) with your trained skills.

Join us virtually through video conferencing tools to our LIVE training sessions where you’ll follow along with a Giant Campus professor to learn about the wonders that are search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), content marketing and social media marketing.

Just like a real gig, these acts are live, so you don’t want to miss out.

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Each session is 30 minutes long with plenty of chances to throw in questions or book further consultation with our digital experts. We’ll use Google Hangouts too, so you don’t need to download anything to your devices.

These workshops are not recorded due to the fast-paced nature in which digital evolves, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Google My Business: Setting Up & Optimising For Local Search 🗺

Fancy appearing for free when someone searches for a product or service you offer in the local area? Sure you do!

Google My Business is a really effective (and free) tool that can help you appear for local search, on maps and boost Google’s likelihood of ranking your website overall.

It’s also a great interim if you don’t yet have a website! There are so many bonuses.

In this workshop, we’ll talk you through setting one up and optimising your Google My Business profile for ultimate success!

No matter what your business is, you’ll want in on this.

Dates Available:

28/08/20 @ 2pm
18/08/20 @ 2:30pm

Life’s A Carousel: Maximising Your Facebook Advertising 🎠

If you’re putting some money behind it your marketing, you want to see as much return as possible, right?

Well, with Facebook carousel ads promoting a 72% higher click-through-rate, who are you to deny them a chance?

In this workshop, we take a look through our five tips for building and running awesome, effective Facebook carousel ads. From tools and demos for making visuals to structuring the order of your campaign.

You’ll leave this workshop ready to create something awesome and up your Facebook & advertising game!

Dates Available:

11/08/20 @ 11am
25/08/20 @ 1:30pm

The Mighty Pen: Content Writing Tips To Make Google Happy 🥰

Writing copy for your website that inspires the reader or calls them to action is one thing. But making sure your content is not only human-friendly, but robot-friendly is another!

In this workshop will take us through five SEO content writing tips that will help you rank well on search engines like Google.

Pleasing those Google-y robots should be up there on your priority list along with making engaging content for your audience. From keywords to links and good ol’ intent – there’s lots to cover.

Pair this with our content ideation workshop & you’ll be laughing!

Dates Available:

11/08/20 @ 1:30pm

Hey Digital Marketers… Is Social Media Really Worth It? 🤔

A question you’ve probably been asked by managers, family, other businesses and the likes – but a good one nonetheless!

Are you already investing time and effort into your businesses social media? Are you starting to question the value of you or your marketing managers time spent across Facebook? Is a ‘like’ really worth all that effort?

In this talk/workshop, we will show you the value of social media within the digital marketing journey, looking at how with a greater understanding you can measure the success of your social media, and more importantly, demonstrate its value to others. It’s all about attribution, baby!

Dates Available:

13/08/20 @ 11am

Smashing YouTube: Optimising Your Videos & Channel 🎬  

YouTube is one of the largest search engines so having the video content you slaved over the creation of, doing well within that platform is an inevitable objective. Right?

Well, like with all other areas of digital marketing, in order for your YouTube to succeed, you’ll need to work on optimising all elements and using all the tools at your disposal to do this.

So, in this workshop, we’ll run you through optimising your videos, your channel and your approach to making YouTube-based content.

Dates Available:

19/08/20 @ 2pm

Content: More Than Just A Pretty Face – It’s Strategy Time 💪

Extended Workshop – 45 minutes!

Content is SO much more than just the piece of creative you made. In order for it to be worth your time making it, and to help you achieve all the goals you’d like to, you need to implement a content marketing strategy.

It’s not just content, for content’s sake because content can help you drive real business objectives and land you all kinds of awesomeness.

In this 45-minute workshop, we’ll run through the content journey and look at how you can maximise every part of it so your creativeness is used effectively.

Dates Available:

19/08/20 @ 10am

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