November means National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). That means budding writers up and down the country will sit and write 50,000 words each and publish their own novel! It’s a big deal, and can take a lot of prep, but it is worth it! Writers come back year after year to show their love for the program, as well as complete the challenge again.

Enthusiast Deana Anker commented on NaNoWriMo: “No one really ever told me I could be a writer. [NaNoWriMo] was the single most transformative and enlightening experience of my life.” While teacher Marie Graham tweeted her support for the month long challenge: “I had one student who hardly wrote at all, then NaNoWriMo, and he wrote 40,000 words! It was life changing.”

With the rise in social media sharing, throwing content here, there and everywhere, it can be easy to forget the power of a good novel, and what links it has to modern day shared content. So in honour of novel month, we’ll be taking a look at the links between novels and your online content.

Imagine if your content started to sound like an epic piece of literature… national-novel-writing-month

…Long ago, a young man sat on a crowded train. He noticed people were too interested in their phones and laptops. He was trying to inform those around him of the new business he had formed, a company that would allow you to organise your Christmas party in one, clear database, with contact details of local companies that could help them. It was the perfect company and he even had plans to expand for over the years. But no-one would listen to him, let alone look at him.

He arrived at his office and sat at this computer. Staring at the blank document, he had a moment of enlightenment! “Why should I try to get their attention…when I could use what already has it?

“And then use it to my advantage?!”

Quickly he set about creating a small blog post, building on the imagination of those reading, and included words and phrases that would draw his audience in, like “stress free”, “Christmas party”, “organised” and “free.” He didn’t know it, but at that moment he was sowing the seeds for his online sharing success! After pressing “Post” he left for the day, thinking no more of it.

The next day, again on that crowded train, he stared down at the commuters looking at their phones and laptops. He looked over at one women who was smiling at her phone, and peered over to her side to see what she was smiling about, and the smile on his face began to grow! She was reading his blog post! He looked over again, and someone else was reading it as well! Could it be? At work he dashed to his computer and stared at the blog…hundreds of shares and hundreds of new website members!….

…not exactly Charles Dickens but you get the point. If you want to get people interested in your business, you need to create interesting content! Best way to do that? Much like a novel, use the imagination of your target audience, plus use the keywords your target audience will be looking for. You’ll already have the advantage of a large audience to appeal to as it’s online content, so all you need to do is sit, think and invent that imaginative content that will bring in your target audience quicker than Harry Potter fans to a J.K Rowling book reading!