The Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce’s North Kent B2B will be held at Brands Hatch Circuit on Thursday 15th October from 9.00am – 4.00pm. Our giants Anthony Klokkou, Heather Elder and Chris Hirlemann are all taking the stand in the Digital Room with their Digital Marketing Taster Sessions. This is a great opportunity for business professionals from all over North Kent to gain a valuable insight into how they can drive their business forward by fully optimising their data.

Anthony Klokkou, Client Services Director, is presenting ‘an Introduction to PPC’, asking: what is Pay Per Click advertising, and how could it benefit me? Anthony explores what PPC is, how it works, and how exactly it can be successfully optimised in order to maximise your ROI.

Following Anthony, Heather Elder, Senior Search Account Executive, is speaking about ‘Making The Most of a Responsive Site’, and how to make the most of your responsive site from a PPC perspective. Heather will explain Ad Copy for Mobile, Google Shopping on the go, and Mobile Bid Adjustments.

Chris Hirlemann, Senior Search Account Manager, is discussing ‘The Evolution of Google Analytics from a Tool to a Platform’, delving into how Google Analytics can now be a centralised point of data. Chris explains how using enhanced eCommerce can add context to your data, and data import/measurement, enabling it to all come together in one place.

The event is FREE to attend. Please click here for more details on the day’s events!