The International Day of Awesomeness occurs every year on 10th March (apparently because that’s Chuck Norris’ birthday). So, we got some of our Giants to tell us their awesome top Chuck Norris inspired SEO musings.



Chuck Norris doesn’t need SEO because his Domain Authority is 1000 out of 100 – Maria



Twitter doesn’t have a 140 character limit that’s just how many characters Chuck Norris allows. – Shaun



What deodorant do SEOs wear? Lynx. But not Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris never sweats. – Robyn



Chuck Norris needs no introduction… His page title speaks for itself! – Michelle


chuck norris


When Google can’t answer a question, they ask Chuck Norris! – Lee



Chuck Norris can build links using his N64. – Mersudin



Chuck Norris computer has no backspace button. Chuck Norris doesn’t make mistakes. – Jasmin



Chuck Norris doesn’t do Pay Per Click because he Pays Per Kick.– Maria (again)