Google have launched a new Partners program for search marketing agencies, which is aimed at helping SMEs to access pay per click marketing. This program will only include those agencies that Google deem to be the best in the land, and will help end users to find them.

Google are boosting their support for small to medium businesses and the best way they feel to do this is to support agencies that will work with these businesses. Google has had several different ways of doing this, recently they have consolidated all their methods under the umbrella of Google Partners. This consolidation means it’s easier for them to work with quality agencies and for potential clients to find these agencies.

The badge

Google has definitely raised the bar on this. Anyone can join Google Partners but only certain businesses can wear the badge, which shows an agency is trusted by Google and has met certain criteria that they then have to maintain. You can’t just put the badge on your website, it has to link to your Partners page and there are a lot of rules about using the badge.

All agencies that previously were able to use the Google Certified Partner badge will have to reapply for their Google Partners badge and some of the criteria they have to meet to become (and remain) a Google partner now include:

Passing Google’s AdWords certification programme

Members of the agency must prove their proficiency in AdWords to show they can run their own or their clients’ accounts to a high enough level.

Running a healthy business

Agencies have to show Google that they spend enough on AdWords and spend it effectively over periods of time, by following digital advertising best practices. They need good client retention and to be a sustainable business.

These are great qualities for agencies to have and it means that any business hiring them for these services know they are trustworthy, experienced and have a sustainable business that can support them in the long run.

Partners is a long term business objective for Google and they only want to support the best agencies and be associated with those that work in the best ways. Apart from supporting these agencies they will also be letting SMEs know the importance of the Partners badge.

One big bonus for agencies that qualify for Partner status is the Google Partner search. This is a listing of trusted digital experts and will be promoted for use for SMEs to find a digital agency they can work with. This means there is now somewhere for people to search for trusted agencies in a time when there are more than a few unscrupulous people about. You can find this here.

We are pleased to say that we are a Google Partner and our badge is proudly displayed on our homepage. If you have any questions or comments about Google partners, please comment below or contact us on