At the end of October, a group of final year students from Canterbury Christ Church University came to visit us at giant towers.

The students are all studying marketing as part of their degrees. The purpose of their visit was to learn about running an agency and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur from our managing director, Luke Quilter.

The morning’s activities included talks and an interactive training session in our famous ball pit meeting room.

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Interactive fun

“I’ve been working in an agency for about a year now but this has been nice to see what it’s like outside of London,” said one of the students, Josh Spoelstra. “And it’s a lot more interactive, it looks a lot more fun and a lot more of a relationship with the managers and stuff like that.[sic]”

One of our search account executives who has recently graduated from Christ Church, Holly Cooke, also spoke to the students:

“It’s quite a big thing going from university to getting your first job. And so hopefully with Luke talking to them about how he did it and then me talking about what I did, it gave them two different point of view on how to do it.”