On the 23rd August this year, Sleeping Giant Media was invaded. We were awoken from our typical office slumber as we were stormed in on by a man trooping a camera behind him – all for the sake of a Google 360 Office Photo. We didn’t fear what was coming, didn’t stage a rebellion, we didn’t Tauntaun ourselves. We took hold of the opportunity with a great force, and did things the Sleeping Giant Media way.

As you’ll know – we like to see the Light Side of things, and so this could be no ordinary photo. No. We needed it to be memorable. We needed it to be different. We needed it to be out of this world. We don’t like to Jabba on about ourselves, but this was our chance to truly shine. So what did we do? Yes, we decided on Star Wars.

Local Exposure had told us they’d be coming round to take our photos, but I don’t think they knew just how off the wall we can be. They were dubious, they were hesitant – and then they saw it. Very quickly they told us how much they loved our idea, and all we could say was (of course) we know.

Going about our daily business (with some artistic license, naturally) we donned our robes, grabbed our sabers and showed them what we can do. Sat at our desks, we were providing new hope for our clients, aiming for a great return on investment, and trying to please those phantom Google bots. Our Board Meeting was a little off-topic, and the training we were undertaking in our ball-pit wasn’t necessarily digital marketing related, but these skills are important for providing the best all-round service in the galaxy.

If you know us, though, you’ll know we work hard and play hard. We also enjoyed showing off the benefits of our office. Our ping pong players were striking back, we had pool players and card dealers taking revenge on their opponents, and, of course, the nerf war was in full-swing as one unlucky Jedi was being attacked. We even had a sneaky gate-crasher or two around the office, so keep your eyes peeled!

The afternoon was a great chance to show off our creative skills, and let’s face it – do something fun! We want to say a huge thank you to Local Exposure for giving us this chance to step away from the norm and do something different. It was a fantastic afternoon, and we all really enjoyed ourselves!

If you want to see more of the photos – just take a look for yourself

We’ll see you in the next Episode! C3PO later.