No-one likes the #humblebrag, so you can read our latest news, or you can skip on past…

This week, we got the incredible news that we have been shortlisted in Google’s Premier Partner Awards 2017!

Premier Partnership

For those who don’t keep up with all things Google – there’s so much – there’s a top class of Digital Marketers who earn something called the “Google Premier Partners Badge”. It’s like at school, when the cool kid two years above gives you a nod of recognition. You’ll never be as awesome as them, but you’re good in their books.

To get into Google’s good books isn’t easy. You have to show that you’re highly knowledgeable in Adwords (you have to be certified), that you have a strong client base, and that you consistently perform well for those businesses. This prompts Google to give you the nod of approval, and we can tell all our friends we know them, and they like us.

When the chance arose to showcase our talents against other Google Premier Partner Agencies, we knew we had to compete!

The Award

Across the world, agencies submitted their entries for various awards – including for Growing Businesses Online. The awards separate the men from the boys in showcasing how agencies help businesses grow online (funnily enough). To do this, we’ve had to show how we support our clients from the roots up – starting from how we recruit people, through how we strategise and optimise our client’s online offering, right up to our customer service initiatives.

A crack team of Giants worked their socks off to put the entry together, but it was all worth it when we heard the news! It’s a great way of supporting our clients – new and old. It gives everyone the peace of mind that we’re actually pretty darn good at what we do.

Awards Night

So when do we find out?

All agencies shortlisted are off to Ireland on the 6th – 8th September, and at this point we are like kids waiting for Christmas. We’ll join agencies from across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in, what is likely going to be, an awards ceremony like no other. It’s a little while away, so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed, and let you know what happens when it comes around!

Whether we win or not, to even be shortlisted for this award is no mean feat, and we’re proud to be a part of this. We want to thank our clients for helping us get to this moment – you guys are the reason we’re here!

We also want to thank all our Giants for their general awesomeness! They work above and beyond for our clients, becoming surrogate members of their teams, and always providing the best. Without our team, we couldn’t hope to be as good as we are, and we are proud to call them GIANTS.

To see the awards for yourself, head on over to here. To see other shortlisted agencies, click here.