What better way to demonstrate site speed than a race between Sleeping Giant Media and GIANT Campus! Site speed is one of those subtle requirements that make all the difference. In fact, it’s so subtle that every millisecond counts.

Here are some of the stats we used in the video in case you missed them:

100 milliseconds  Amazon: Increased revenue by 1% for every 100 milliseconds of improvement
1.2 seconds  Shopzilla: Increased revenue by 12% and page views by 25% by speeding up load time from 6 seconds to 1.2
2 seconds  1 out 2 people expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds
3 seconds  53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes more than three seconds to load

Here’s a particularly useful doc we found explaining site speed even more:

“The need for mobile speed: How mobile latency impacts publisher revenue”

Now the question is, how fast is your site?

Well we tested it, Click here to see how you did.