Our 9th #GIANTtalks certainly made history, and took place at the 100 year old Geffrye Museum in Shoreditch, London. The Geffrye takes a journey into the home and the way people live, with collections showcasing trends going back 400 years; it couldn’t have been a more fitting location for our How History is Shaping The Future of Digital digital marketing seminar.

If you couldn’t make it, download the talks by clicking on the titles below.

The digital marketing talk was compèred by CEO Luke Quilter, and featured three amazing speakers.

When Imagination Becomes Innovation

History has shaped digital; science fiction can now be classified as science fact, said Nick Adams, Strategist at Yoyo Design. Nick discussed things such as whether we can no longer be innovative if technology is making things so simple, whether things depicted in sci-fi writing will actually one day become a thing, and how brands have managed to bring ideas to life and create subcultures around their product.

Word of Mouth is Getting Louder

Robin Lewis, Head of Partnerships at Feefo spoke about how people sharing their customer experiences is evolving on different platforms more than ever before; Robin explored whether brands can regain control of the conversations about themselves, and how to do it. Word of mouth is arguably one of the oldest forms of customer service, and is a vital part of the current business landscape.

History Defined Digital Marketing

Last but by no means was Mersudin Forbes, our very own Client Services Director. Mersudin spoke about how understanding the history of users can help us understand their needs and to build a marketing strategy around this with the relevant tools and applications. Digital is vastly changing – Mersudin made the important point that unlike Blockbusters, with Netflix you don’t even have to put your trousers on to rent a film!

Let us know if you were at the Geffrye Museum with us, and join in on the conversation by tweeting us your photos to @SleepingGiantM. Want to book yourself up for our next #GIANTtalks in September? Fill in the form on the right hand side here.