Google will be releasing automated call extensions on 6th February! AdWords advertisers were notified of the update in an official email.

Call extensions are a Google AdWords ad extension where searchers can phone a business directly due to a phone number being placed in an ad. On smartphones, searchers can press a responsive call button – making the action a lot more convenient.

Google stated that 2017 will see mobile searches drive an estimated 33 billion clicks-to-call to businesses globally, almost 19% more calls than from mobile landing pages alone. From 6th February onwards, call extensions will be pulled from landing pages that contain phone numbers and will be automatically placed in mobile search ads.

If advertisers don’t wish to pay for calls that are coming from the a phone number from their landing pages, they will have to opt out before 6th February. Google also stated that local-specific phone numbers will be shown when location extensions appear in ads.

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