Who remembers when Google wasn’t our go to search engine and we relied on the likes of a rather well-dressed chap named Jeeves?

With Google being close to 80% of the global market share, it’s no surprise the competitors have slowly faded into the background. But who were they, and how many of us used them?

In first place… we have Yahoo! (Do you feel the urge to call out the name as well? https://youtu.be/TRAl48Ucgmw?t=31s)

Over 30% of you named Yahoo was your first search engine and yet now it only claims a global market share of just under 5%.

In second place, we have two search engines coming in with 17% of you voting for Alta Vista and 17% of you voting Ask Jeeves.

Interestingly enough, Yahoo was founded in 1995, as was Alta Vista, whereas Ask Jeeves was founded in 1996. But to see Lycos in joint third place just hurts as it was my first search engine and was founded in 1994. You’re all clearly too late to the party!

Also in third place was MSN, now known as Bing – Which unsurprisingly holds the second largest global market share with 7.31%.

However, although I’m sure most of us are using Google, I wouldn’t consider Bing a goner just yet. Afterall, it is the voice search function for iPhones and the Amazon Echo and Alexa.

If, of course, you do have any questions relating to search engines, Google, Bing, etc, the guys at SGM are more than happy to help!