With Winter slowly creeping up on us, and the days slowly growing darker, here at Sleeping Giant Media we have something that might just brighten up your day! On Tuesday 17th November, we have an impressive event lined up following the success of our previous GIANT Talk held at the Discovery Park in Sandwich back in July.


Our upcoming Customer Focused Digital Marketing talk is to be held at the decadent Exchange Studio, Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone, where we have a multitude of exciting guest speakers waiting to share their comprehensive expertise on customer focused digital marketing.


The day will begin early at 8:30am, with the opportunity for you to informally network over yummy tea, coffee, and biscuits before the first talk at 9:05am. Steve Kreeger from Red Bullet will begin the session by talking about ‘Making Sense of Your Users’,  exploring what does it actually mean to understand user needs, and how do we do it right?


Steve will be followed by Zoe Cairns from ZC Social  at 9:35am who will be offering an exciting insight into ‘How to get started with Facebook Ads’, and will go through the important steps you need to consider before setting up your campaigns and share some tips on how to achieve your goals and objectives.


At 10:05am, Damon McColin-Moore from iFour will take you through each step of Straight Thinking in ‘Straight Thinking About Your Brand:  And How To Get It Right’, for: If you treat your brand well and your brand will treat you well back, it is your most valuable asset. In this talk, Damon takes you through each step of the Straight Thinking needed to get your customers as excited about your business as you are and build a compelling brand.


Lastly, (but not least!) our very own Luke Quilter from Sleeping Giant Media will be concluding the session with a talk on the importance of ‘Using User Research and Brand in Search Marketing’ at 10:35, discussing how Brand and customer have sometimes been forgotten in the digital age. Luke will be talking about how brand and customer feature when it comes to search marketing. How do you identify your customers, and how do you then go on to utilise the technology available in order to market to them effectively.


From 11:05am onwards, delegates get the chance to network with speakers who are all experts in their respective fields!


Places are limited, and this exclusive event is very popular so please book early to avoid disappointment!
We look forward to seeing you there!