This was an incredibly interesting question for us to pose to you as we really had no idea what the general mindset was. Which if anything, is the whole point of why we’re doing the agency poll.

Sometimes, we even amaze ourselves.

To begin with, the results heavily leaned towards being worse off with answers such as “How can it be anything but worse? The whole world will be worse”, “A lot of my client’s business is in Europe” and “People tend to spend less when they are worried”. It was looking bleak to say the least!

Interestingly though, the results shifted towards being better off as we got in touch with more of you. It appears that a lot of you have actually seen opportunity through the confusion and seized this as a chance to better yourselves for the road that lies ahead.

In fact, some of you told us that the weaker pound has actually made us more appealing to companies overseas; and for companies within the UK, they’re starting to put their branding and marketing higher up on the agenda to sustain the success of their business.

Whether or not we can predict the ripples of politics, the important takeaway from this poll is to buckle in and prepare yourself to be adaptable. As I heard on Radio 4 the other morning:

“Stress can trigger a natural cycle of rupture and repair; when things go wrong and we attempt to repair them. Through this, it is possible to develop the capacity to be more resilient  where the rupture repairs more robustly than it was before.”

And if you’re still after something to make you feel a bit more positive, I’ll leave this gem with you:
(Turn your sound on)