On Wednesday 20th February, Sleeping Giant’s Managing Director, Luke Quilter, will be speaking at the University of Kent’s Enterprise Day 2013.

Kent Business School Enterprise Day 2013The Enterprise Day is organised by Network 612 at the Kent Business School. During the event, the attending students will be listening to guest speakers, and taking part in sessions designed to help them gain insights into starting and running a business in addition to learning what leadership skills are required in business, how to cultivate ideas and where to get support for developing those ideas.

Luke will be giving a presentation to approximately 150-200 students about Sleeping Giant Media, what the company does and how it got started, as well as passing on some top tips for setting up in business. Also speaking at the event is Craig Harrison, Aquaread’s managing director. We’ve been working with Aquaread for a while now, read more about our relationship here.

University of Kent Network 612 Sleeping Giant Media Enterprise Day 2013Network 612 takes its name from the Kent Business School’s module 612, New Enterprise Start-Up. This unit covers the characteristics required of businesses to succeed, the reasons businesses fail, and more. Network 612 gives students from Kent Business School, and the University of Kent as a whole, the chance to interact with entrepreneurs in a friendly environment and hear from the horses’ mouths that you can turn your dreams into reality.