Importing Google Analytics Goals

Goals and Transactions are fantastic for tracking performance and ROI through Google Analytics, especially goals due to the flexibility of the setup… I’m sure we have all experienced the frustration of trying get a third party to add Google Adwords conversion tracking tags.

It should be a straight forward process, but we have certainly encountered problems with the installation which can be very frustrating, especially when you are as reliant on good data as we are when it comes to PPC optimisation.

Well the great thing is that we can now import Google Analytics goals into Adwords! And as you are probably aware, Goals are based on Url’s so no “dev” work required, that gives us the flexibility to create goals as we please, and then import them into Google Adwords which can cut out alot of waiting around for tags to be added!

Below I have included the steps you need to take to do this, I hope it helps!

Importing Analytics Goals into Adwords:

1. Make sure you have correctly linked your adwords and analytics accounts… if you haven’t see my guide on how to do so!
2. Make sure you are logged into your Google Analytics Account (You will need to be an admin user).
3. Click the “Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings” tab.
4. Select the “With other Google products only” option under “Share my Google Analytics data…”
5. Click “Save Changes”.
6. Navigate to Adwords, and go to the conversion tracking page. This page will show a message explaining that your goals and transactions from Google Analytics are ready to be linked.
7. Click “Import from Google Analytics”.
8. Now all you have to do is select the specific goals and/or transactions that you want imported, fill in the following criteria to ensure it all matches up with how the goal is setup in analytics (Name).
9. Select “Import” from the bottom of the table to finish.