A day in the life of…Me!

It is coming to the end of my first 3 months as a member of the Sleeping Giant Media team, and I wanted to give you a snapshot of the things I have been up to.

I joined the company knowing very little about the detail of Search Marketing. I studied marketing at university so briefly touched on it as a student, but had never heard of 404 errors or 301 redirects in my life!

  • I had never audited a website
  • I had never created a PPC campaign
  • I had never used a Mac


I entered the business as a completely blank book, ready and willing to learn.

Month one

I felt like I spent my first few weeks trying to figure out how to use the Mac, and making my way through the 51 pages of ‘The Beginners Guide to SEO’ (which, I must confess, I still haven’t finished reading). I got stuck in to creating some content for one of our clients and was slowly introduced to AdWords by assisting in a mammoth campaign expansion. Heather also kindly introduced me to Zen Café, which is a delicious Asian noodle bar in Folkestone high street.

One of the things I picked up straight away was that the team are really hot on sharing their knowledge, and send round any great articles about updates to the world of search. I have always struggled reading articles on a computer so initially found it hard to keep up with all the literature, but they have proven to be a huge help with my understanding of search.

Month two

Month 2 introduced me to Google Analytics and I got involved with some reporting. I worked on page titles and meta descriptions for numerous clients and completed my first site audit. I also attempted to fill out the time sheet. Having never used a time sheet before, it initially made me nervous, but i’ve found it has made me more productive with my time as I am fully aware of how much I can commit to a certain project and want to ensure I produce the best work within that time. It is something that certainly takes time to get used to.

Month three

Month 3 was focused on link building outreach. I looked at a lot of blogs and researched outreach platforms. I was also placed firmly in a team within SGM, was given my first client and attended my first client meeting (I sat quietly making notes). It was a really exciting month for Sleeping Giant as Luke was a Torch Bearer for the Olympic torch relay so we held a party to celebrate, and I got to meet a few of our clients which was great.

All in all, it has been a really exciting three months. I have learnt a lot. The whole team have been very patient with me, teaching me the tricks of the trade and providing me with a lot of guidance. The office itself is very laid back. We are a few streets away from the Leas and its just five minute walk in to town. We are, however, subjected to Mersudin’s choice of music so we listen to a lot of JLS, The Wanted and One Direction. We occasionally go for drinks after work on a Friday, and it has been known to have a team Zen Café for lunch. What’s not to love?

I am really excited about all the things that are to come over the next few months; learning more, expanding my knowledge and introducing the 10th member to Sleeping Giant Media.