Launch Online Through PPC

As a business owner considering stepping into the online environment there are many many factors to consider, in fact we find that a lot of our time as an agency is spent helping our clients to best plan and then action launch strategies… and when I say launch, I don’t just mean set live the site and “see what happens”, I am referring to integrated Search strategy, lead by PPC.

What Can PPC Do For You?

Some people might ask why PPC over other channels? Well Pay Per Click advertising is the only channel that gives you total control of costs, complete flexibility and will help to inform and ultimately underpin your overall online strategy using real time, accurate data, driven by your customers.

How Can You Use PPC To Do This?

For example, your competitors have websites, so you get a website… but what then? Well, we would approach this scenario by running a Pay Per Click pilot campaign on a limited budget, exploring keywords and themes, investigating competitor strategies and underpinning it all with a free Google Analytics install.

Over a period of a month we would collate all of the Adwords and Analytics data, which will give us invaluable insight into high volume keywords, keyword competition, how users on certain terms interact with your site, what works well, what doesn’t…. the list goes on. The value of this realtime customer lead data is that it is based on actual numbers, not just “best guesses” or “gut feel”.

The information gathered then provides the foundation for building the on-going strategy, everything from which keywords to target via SEO/PPC, on page content & link-building strategy to actual website development…

What’s great about the information gathered through PPC is that it’s built on what your customers are already looking for, so by tailoring all on-going strategy around that, even web development, you can ensure you get the maximum impact from Search.

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