Are you loosing sleep over your Klout Score?

You must have heard of Klout by now. It’s the new ‘thing’.

I have been obsessed with my score for the past few months. I started off as a Klout-Waster but I worked hard and interacted a lot. I somehow managed to get my score to an impressive 63 – official Klout Ninja status was mine, Hurrah!

Obviously I was very pleased with my score and maybe a little smug- this was much to the dismay of my colleagues…I hear that one person went very quiet, started shaking and then turned green with Klout Rage. No names mentioned… @onlinehero

So what is Klout all about?

Klout Facts:

Klout was founded in September 2009 by Joe Fernandez and Binh Tran
The idea of Klout came about when the CEO Joe Fernandez was recovering in hospital from a jaw operation – ouch
Klout has scored well over 100 million people to date
Justin Bieber has the highest score, of 100! (yes, I’m jealous too!)

Klout’s Methodology (I think)

Klout measures how influential you are by using data from your interaction online via social media with a score from 1-100. The platforms that your score is measured by are totally down to you, as you have to choose which accounts to link.

At the moment Klout is linkable with: Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Linked In, Four Square, Google +, Instagram, Blogger, Word Press, Tumblr, Last fm and Flickr

Klout also measures your True Reach, Amplification, and Network Impact:

True Reach
Is the number of people you influence, within your immediate network and across their extended networks – So if you reach to a huge audience you are more than likely to have a higher score, I believe the only way to have a huge audience is to have a lot of friends/followers etc, or to be friends with highly influential people.
A good example of this is Justin Bieber. When he tweets the whole world knows about it!

Is how much you influence people and indicates how likely your network is to respond.

Network Impact
Measures the influence of your audience/network. If you want to boost your network impact, again need to be interacting with the Klout Gods.

The above all sound the same to me, basically interact with your network and get them to interact back, whilst also befriending some very popular people. in some cases this works, but in most it doesn’t purely because Klout keep their (frequently changing) algorithms to themselves so none of us really know how our scores are actually being calculated.

Does Klout Matter?

In my opinion YES it does, But I don’t think it should be taken too seriously – I have seen various articles recently about companies that are measuring staff’s performance by their Klout scores and some are even using Klout scores to influence their recruitment process – If your Klout score is below 50 you will not get hired!

Obviously I care what my score is and check It regularly (partly because I am ridiculously competitive and refuse to be beaten by my colleagues) But realistically I wont feel that I am failing if my score drops a little, and neither should you.

One last thing, What’s your Klout score?