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Are you new to Klout? Here are some terms you can use to express your Klout experience!

Kloutlove – The next stage in a #Reciproklout relationship – 21/9/2011 Created by [tfb username=’Simonhagger’ count=’false’ lang=’en’ theme=’dark’]

KloutSnob – Shunning fellow Klouters that have a lower score than themselves – because they are simply not KloutTastic enough. 20/9/2011 Created by [tfb username=’eldertown’ count=’false’ lang=’en’ theme=’dark’]

KloutRage – Expressing the emotion of anger at another users Klout Score

KloutOff – Two Klout users competing for the best Klout score within a certain timeframe.

KloutRot – Slow and painful decrease in Klout score due to uninteresting and quite frankly rubbish content posts.

Klurker –  Stalking another Klout user to steal popular posts and increase own follower interaction.

Kloutering – Spending a lot of time checking your Klout score.

KloutTastic – Something amazing, smashing, wonderful!

KloutDip – A sudden decrease in Klout score.

KloutBomb – Releasing media or content which in turn goes viral to increase Klout Score

KloutHax – Using underhand tactics and techniques to improve Klout score. (Using PPC to improve your Klout Hits)

KillerKlout – A great idea.

Klunning – A fast and sharp increase in Klout score.

KloutSlate – Disrespecting another users Klout score.

KloutHero – Someone with great power and great responsibility.

Kloutnikov – A series of fully automated tweets created to increase klout score

Kloutaholic – You know you are a Kloutaholic when you check your Klout score at 5am, and then deny it.


What does your Klout score mean?

KloutWaster – A klout score below 30.

KloutNoob – A Klout score below 40.

KloutHot – A Klout Score of 40-49.

KloutNerd – A Klout Score of 50-59

KloutNinja – A Klout Score of 60-69

KloutKing – A Klout score of 70-79

KloutMaster – A Klout Score Of 80 – 89

KloutMonster – A Klout score of 90-99

KloutGod – A Klout score of 100

Please feel free to leave your own Klout term ideas in the comments box!

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