For all those SEOs with glasses like the bottoms of milk bottles and anyone else who chances upon this article, the aim is to provide a brief round up of a few of the more interesting articles & resources within the SEO World during July. I will apologise in advance as this is pretty Moz heavy but if you’re producing great content you get the citation love.

It’s going to be a whistle stop tour so hold onto your hats and keep the bookmark function at the ready. This article will look to provide a run down on the following areas:

– Articles you may want to take a little looky at.
– Must watch Vids to kick back & watch with a nice cup of chai.
– Random but relevant resource for July

Without further ado…..


So as ever there has been a wealth of interesting articles produced throughout July. One thing that I love within the SEO industry is the commitment to sharing. Everybody likes to think they have a little ‘special sauce / magical fairy dust / indiana Jones like qualities’ that separates them from the competition. However, it is only through the ongoing sharing of views, opinion, experiments and findings that the industry will continue to prosper. It is always a joy to read an article where somebody has spent a good deal of their precious time analysing a particular aspect of our industry and then shared the results freely. Even when results may be considered questionable, ultimately most still contribute to ongoing discussion making the industry so dynamic and interesting to work in. Hands up all those who have spent far too much time reading comment strings below an article?

So now to contradict myself almost immediately I am going to start off by mentioning an article around the ongoing discussion about ‘content’ and the SEO industry. Over the last month or so talk about content as an SEO strategy has been bandied around so much you could be forgiven for thinking that some people haven’t been using this as a core strategy for more than a decade.

1. The State of Content Marketing

As I’m sure many people will be aware MozCon took place during July. This article is a very nice round up of shared thought and opinion on different aspects of content marketing at the moment. All of the people commenting within the article were speakers at MozCon in July. I very much like the point made by A J Kohn that it isn’t simply a case of ‘build it and they will come’ with content. You can have a great piece of content that languishes with little or no visibility. Great content is hugely important of course but this must be married with a solid outreach and seeding strategy in order to get good visibility.
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State of Content Marketing – SEOmoz MozCon Speakers Interview

2. Six Month Link Building Plan

This little gem provides some food for thought in terms of building out a six month link building plan. Well worth checking out if you are scratching your head after a couple of months worth of frenetic link building activity.

The 6 Month Link Building Plan for an Established Website | SEOmoz

3. Unnatural Link Warnings in Web Master Tools?

An interesting article from Ruth Burr at SEOmoz outlining why Google’s unnatural link warnings in Web Master Tools may not necessarily result in the need for a pacemaker for all web masters who see this message. In this article Ruth outlines how Rand Fishkin very publicly laid down the challenge to the SEO community to build spammy links to the SEOmoz site. Well worth a read although I would think that the immensely powerful Moz back link profile would have a good deal more survivability than many smaller sites.

New Unnatural Links Warning in Google Webmaster Tools | SEOmoz

4. Why Link Building Strategies Fail

Ever wondered why your link building activity isn’t working? Read on……

Why Link Building Strategies Fail | SEOmoz


1. Internal Linking

Another great whiteboard Friday. Pick up some great tips regarding best internal linking practice. Very interesting and well worth a watch.

1. Getting Started with Guest Blogging

We all know guest blogging can be a good solid link building strategy but if your running a little dry on some ideas then why not check this video out.


So the resource I want to provide this month focuses on getting busy with regular expression matches. If you’ve ever wondered what on earth RegEx means then I highly recommend Robin Steiff’s ebook as an entry point. As he aptly points out the problem with regular expression matches is that you won’t understand them until you use them, and you can’t use them until you understand them…….cue confused face.

This guide will get you well on the way to being a super duper RegEx wonder kid. Check it out!!

Regular Expressions eBook – A relic or valuable tool?

Oh and here’s the video by Avinash & Nick M:

So there you have it a few articles that hopefully were of some interest. Of course here at Sleeping Giant we have a voracious appetite for all search related content. If you think there is a something we should check out let us know and we will give you a shout out on Twitter.

Have a great day!!