In our thirteenth and final, instalment in our Google+ video series, Luke talks about how he thinks Google+ will keep communities spam free.

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Video synopsis

Luke starts by explaining that he doesn’t know the answer to this question so what he’s saying is pure speculation. He says that probably the only people who do know the answer are currently sitting in Google’s offices.

Luke says the danger is that communities are going to get spammed and hit with irrelevant comments. So there’s going to become a need for moderators and people to curate those communities. Luke thinks that Google+ communities will be monetised by way of a revenue share with the community owner, and that this will be how Google will encourage community moderation.

So if an advertiser is able to advertise in a certain community and it’s on a cost per click basis, let’s say it’s £1 per click. The community owner might get 2% or something and Google will get 98% or whatever the revenue split is. Luke believes that this will encourage community owners to ensure that they maintain a good quality community that will encourage people to stay, because the more people who stay, the more revenue they’re going to generate. Luke thinks this is the way Google are going to incentivise high quality communities, which are monitored and moderated, through a revenue split model.

Over to you

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