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You know what it’s like, you’re on a YouTube marathon, disappearing down a black hole when suddenly an interesting video pops up in the ‘Recommended Video’ section? Hmmm interesting.

With 70% of YouTube’s traffic being driven by the ‘recommended videos’ feature, it begs the question, ‘How can you get in on this and get your videos promoted by YouTube itself?


Well that’s why we are here. Let’s forget hump day because Wednesday’s are about to get GIANT.


Hello, my name is Luke and welcome to Giant Wednesday, the place to be to discover the wonderful world of digital marketing. 


If you’re watching this video, you’ll know that Youtube recommended videos sit on the right-hand on desktop. And at the bottom on mobile.


 So how does YouTube decide what ‘you might like to watch’? Firstly, let’s break down exactly what YouTube is actually showing you…

1. Suggested videos – something from the creator of the video you’re currently watching.

2. Related videos – videos that are similar to the ones you’re watching currently, but made by other people.

3. Recommended videos – these are based on purely you, your viewing history and any other data Google has on your interests.


So what’s the big deal about getting your video to appear here?

Well, a large majority of viewership on YouTube is driven through the videos that sit in this column so it’s kinda the place to be… In fact, 70% of the time a user spends on YouTube is spent watching recommended video! Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

So what can you do to make your videos available for YouTube to recommend by YouTubes algorithm/video God/the powers that be.

The important things to remember here are:

  • Watch time

  • Relevancy

  • The amount of likes and comments you get

  • And the audiences viewing history

There are more factors, but Google isn’t one to share a step-by-step guide to dominating all its algorithms because where’s the fun in that?!

 But here are three things you can be doing to get ahead;



Encourage engagement!

By engagement we’re talking likes, comments, shares, subscriptions. All these things can be seen as an emotional response to the video the user is watching and YouTube can associate a level of relevancy to this reaction. Simple, right? 

Encourage engagement through calls to action like:

“Like what you see? Subscribe so you can be the first to see our weekly videos”

“Leave a comment below to let us know what you thought of my shirt choice…” (screen record this happening)

And it’s important to note, all engagement can be relevant to this metric. Good or bad. Likes or dislikes. Yays or nays. Woops or… doops?



YouTube Video Titles… 

These titles can do three things;

  • Encourage people to click on our videos

  • Tell the algorithm which videos are relevant to each other

  • And, secure high ranking spots in the search results for particular keywords

So, make your titles juicy, enticing, relevant and stand out.

Find out what people are searching for that’s similar to your video content by using tools like Adwords Keyword Planner, Answer the Public, Google Trends or the auto complete search bar…. And name your video accordingly.

Make it appropriate to people, not robots. You might be trying to impress this fancy algorithm, but the people are the ones you want watching your video really.


Tasteful Thumbnails 

These are the first visual taster of your video content that the viewer is going to get, so making them compelling, striking and exciting is probably the way to go.

What’s important to remember is that relevance is key. If you mislead someone with a thumbnail and they click away from your video as soon as it starts, it will affect the way the algorithm reads your video.

A few tips on creating thumbnails for your channel:

  • Consistency is key! Use similar and recognisable colours, font sizes, styles and format

  • Brand it with a logo or something that will let them know the video is by you

  • and , make sure you can read or work out what your thumbnail is when it’s going to be at its smallest form

YouTube even suggests you think of your thumbnail BEFORE you shoot… nice advice!


There are many more things you can do to make the algorithm favour your content, but it’s best to start with these three things.

Remember to measure the success of the things you’re doing by looking at YouTube analytics on a regular basis so you can learn from what you’re doing.



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