Most brands understand that they can use Facebook to engage their audience and increase brand awareness, however there is more to it than simply creating a page and waiting for the likes to come rolling in. There are various methods for promoting your Facebook page to encourage users to like your page but what happens once you’ve achieved the hallowed like? Research has shown that 96% of Facebook users won’t actually go back to a Page after the initial engagement. If you want to reach your audience the place to be is in their news feed.

The news feed is the first thing that users see when they log in to Facebook and they spend approximately 30% of their time there. However, the news feed is serious high value real estate. Every action taken by the users’ friends competes with your brand’s post. According to studies, on average only 16% of your likers will see your posts. So all that time spent crafting posts could be in vain if hardly anyone is seeing them. This is due to the fact that Facebook only shows users the content that it deems to be most interesting to the user. To work this out Facebook has an algorithm known as EdgeRank.


If it wasn’t for EdgeRank, Facebook users would get hundreds of updates a day from pages that they have liked at some point and their news feed would become majorly spammy. EdgeRank determines what gets onto news feeds and in which order. Marketers can use their understanding of this algorithm to improve the chances of their posts appearing on likers’ news feeds and extending the reach of their social media presence.

It’s all a bit cloak and dagger but as far as people can work out, EdgeRank is based on three characteristics of the content posted: how close the connection is between the user and the poster and how regularly they interact; the weight of the content; and how recent the post is. As you would imagine, there is more to Edgerank but that’s a whole other blog post!

So with all this in mind you’re now probably wanting to know how you can get a piece of the action. Well, as promised, here are 5 top tips to consider when trying to build your brand visibility on Facebook.Use Facebook Insights to find the optimum time for posting and engaging your target audience

1 – Timing is key

Timing is all about capturing your audience at the right time so that you can increase the chances of them engaging. There may be certain times of the day and days of the week that your target users are more active on Facebook. Using Facebook Insights and playing around with various posting times will allow you to determine the best times to post. Once you’ve worked out this optimum time stick with it!

2 – Think visually

Images carry more weight than other types of content. Posts containing photos are more likely to be seen and get as much as 20 times more engagement than other types of posts. If you want to post a link, try posting a photo instead and put the url in the caption to try and increase the reach.

3 – Be ready for change

In this ever changing world of social media the key advice is to be adaptable. No one really knows the inner workings of EdgeRank except Facebook and they can choose to shake it up at any time. Make sure that you’re ready to adapt your strategy when changes come about.

4 – Make your posts share worthy

Facebook users don’t sit and read through all the posts on their news feeds: they scan it. The key is to make content as interactive and visual as possible. Use an obvious call to action such as “Share this and see what your friends think”. When users share the post it will appear on their friends’ news feeds. This is the perfect chance to increase your reach.

5 – Cough up

To guarantee a place on users’ news feeds you can pay to promote your posts. If you’ve got the budget, this is all well and good. Why not give it a shot? But if Facebook has decided that a user won’t be interested in the post is it worth the money?

As you can see there is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to negotiating Facebook. Don’t let this put you off. A successful Facebook campaign requires a clear strategy and a bit of thought about what your audience want to see but put in the time and it could pay off for your brand.

If you’d like any further information about how best to utilise Facebook for your brand please get in touch.