Yesterday we had a visit from Anthony and Adam who are our Google Partner agency development managers. The purpose of the visit was to help encourage everyone to think beyond conversions and focusing on traditional SEO and PPC activity and more about how to target the audience at the top of the sales funnel and increase brand awareness and consideration.

Google visit to Sleeping Giant Media

Group photo from Google’s September visit

This is something that we do already with many of our clients. Our audience engagement plans are used to plan content that is designed to engage with specific audiences.

The session in the ball pit started with the guys running through some benchmarking numbers. It was great to learn that Sleeping Giant Media is in the top 5 of the 18 or so agencies in their portfolio in terms of performance.

Adam then went on to run through the themes for 2015:

  • The search volume on the terms ‘why’ and ‘what’ growing x1.5
  • Search volume on the term ‘how’ has grown x3 in the last three years
  • 21% of time spent online is spent using search engines to find information
  • 79% of time online is spent outside search i.e. across websites, YouTube, Gmail, etc.

The aim of the training session was to encourage us to think about how we can put the audience, rather than the platform, at the heart of planning and strategy. They ran through these questions that we’d need to answer:

  • Audience – who are we trying to target?
  • Behaviour – what are we trying to get them to do?
  • Platforms – where are the best places to find them?

To find the answers to these questions it was suggested that we use the data and tools available to us such as the YouGov Profiler, Google Analytics, and Google’s Consumer Barometer. Equipped with the insights gained we will be able to articulate the opportunities available to potential and current clients that extend beyond ‘traditional’ search marketing.
Group of Sleeping Giant Media execs working on task during Google Partner training session
After the presentation, we were split into separate groups to work on a client case study scenario with two groups using data to find their target audience, such as AdWords search query reports, Analytics and Google Trends.

The other two groups had to work on audience behaviour using tools such as the YouGov Profiler, Trends, and the Consumer Barometer.

What we learnt here is that both data and behaviour information is needed to fully answer the questions about the audience.

Having presented our findings and strategy suggestions back to Adam and Anthony we were presented with some fun Google gifts including a ukulele, herb garden and a clapper board.

The afternoon was both fun and insightful. It was great to be mixed up into different teams and pool together our different specialist knowledge. These training sessions from Google are just one of the benefits of us being a Google Partner agency.

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