Sleeping Giant Media will be presenting and a local CIM event on April the 13th. The event aims to give people of varying ranges of experience with analytics an insight into the extremely effective Google analytics interface.

Outlined below are the key areas the course will cover as well as a link to the CIM site for more information and booking form.

We hope to see you there, or if you have any questions about analytics or our service please don’t hesitate to get in touch sooner!
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Program outline

Time 930 -1015

Introduction to analytics

– how it works (Java tag)
– what it counts
– combined with other channels
– limitations

– Key metrics

– bounce
– time on site
– user frequency
– geo targeting

– The interface

– dashboard
– key sections (users)
– keywords

Time 10.30 – 11.30

– Reports
– Standard report types
– how to set them up etc
– Custom reports

– Practical applications

– landing page effectiveness
– keyword analysis – landing page development
– tagging and tracking other media – emails, banner adverts
– new market identification
– channel evaluations

Time 11.30 – Finish

– Open session
– Working on example case studies (problem identification)
– Logging in to peoples analytics account to take a look and make comments
– Working through examples more specific to issues

Additional Event Information and booking

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