Link building is a perfect example of a legitimate technique to help relevant blog owners and websites gain status and trust online. However, it is a technique that has been used and abused by a lot of SEO companies. The question now is how can it be done properly?

When link building, one of the methods we use is to try and engage with blog owners and communities through their comments section. It’s important that we are sensitive to the author of the blog we are commenting on. Type any search term into Google and you’ll undoubtedly find a blog somewhere on the search engine result pages. Taking this into account, we must tread carefully when examining the nature of the blogs. Blogs can range from those directly advertising a product, to chilled out holiday blogs, to the most intimate and personal stories. As such, using the appropriate level of tact and consideration is paramount.Thoughtful link building SEO

A personal touch

As link builders, we are not just trying to insert a link for the sake of it. We are adding to the value of the internet as well. Keeping the reply and content relevant is an important factor. You don’t want to go so far left of field that your comments are in no way related to the blog post. It’s a personal touch that shows you’ve really read the blog and have understood what it’s discussing, which enables you to then comment accordingly. It’s also important that the post isn’t spammy. Spammy posts not only look unprofessional but they usually contain links to a product or site that is totally irrelevant to the subject matter of the blog in question. Spam posts have given link building a bad name. We look at link building as a form of outreach. We’re reaching out to the blogger and creating the foundation blocks for a possible future relationship.

Show a genuine interest in the blogger’s story

To sum up, link building is a highly personal process. We are speaking directly to the author via our comments, we are taking in the mood and subject matter of the blog post by replying thoughtfully. As such, it’s important to always be aware of the type of person the author is as best you can to not only build that link, and get your post approved, but to show that you genuinely have an interest in the subject matter and have taken it all in. If these processes are all adhered to, then there is no reason why a solid link can’t be built, and potential for outreach can’t be achieved.