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What are Giant Trading Cards?

‘Giants’ is a collectable trading card game for Sleeping Giant Media. There are 140 cards in a single set, with varying degrees of rarity ranging from common to legendary.

Naturally, the more rare, the more shiny and holographic the card!

The cards are designed to be played as a simple card game, but also to be collected and traded.

Who gets a card?

Cards are split out into five tiers of rarity. As a Giant, you’ll have at least one common card created of yourself providing you’ve passed your probation as of the 2nd February 2022.

We know everyone would love a shiny card, but in order for them to be ‘rare’, there needs to be a lower number of them than the lower tier rarities – make sense, right?

With that in mind, cards of increased rarity were decided based on business culture, so naturally more senior Giants feature on holographic cards. However, to ensure everyone has a fair chance, we’ve also included Giants that have previously featured in famous (or infamous) video content such as Giant Wednesday. Think of it as our way of saying thanks!

How do I get my hands on cards?

There are a few ways to get your paws on some cards, such as:

– one pack for everyone on launch

– a pack when you join Sleeping Giant Media

– for the winner of ‘Shoutout of the Month’ (plus an extra pack to give to a friend)

– for all work anniversaries

– each Director has 5 packs to give away at their discretion

– hidden throughout the office

– charity auctions for rarer cards


This is an example of a common card, signified by its grey colour and circle in the lower right corner.


This is an example of an uncommon card, signified by its grey colour, diamond on the lower right and green name tab.


This is an example of a rare card, signified by its darker card colour, the pink name band and the star in the bottom right corner.


This is an example of an epic card, signified by its darker card colour, the purple name band and double stars in the bottom right corner.


This is an example of a legendary card, signified by it’s gold colour and shiny nature, with five stars in the bottom right corner.

What do the elements on the cards mean?

Whether you want to use your card for battle against other Giants, or want to work out where it’s worth a trade… we’ve broken down what the card elements mean:

The Number – Top Right

This is your HP, or hit points, this tells you the power your card holds and varies across them all.

The Number – Bottom Left

The start year – this determines what order the cards are played in and is based on the year the Giant or cultural initiative was introduced.

The Card Attack – Middle

These are the instructions to follow in order to use the card’s attack or abilities against the opposing player – remember to keep track of the current HP!


What’s a special card?

Special cards are much the same as ordinary cards with the only difference being that they enhance an existing card or cards.

If the card has an S in the HP box, the card cannot be targeted for attack, and instead will be removed from play when the card it’s attached to is defeated.

Current active effects need to be explained to your opponent and logged by yourself.

The Legendary Cards

In addition to pulling rare cards from packs, there will be the added thrill of some extremely rare legendary cards 😱

Our founders, Ant and Luke, are emblazoned in shiny gold on these coveted cards.

Also featured is the legendary prize card – pull this card, and you will get a prize to the value of £100! If you’re lucky enough to pull this card, contact the People Team to claim your prize.

How To Play Giant Trading Cards

GIANTS is designed to be played with two people. A minimum of five cards are required to play!

If you have more than five cards, you will need to shuffle your deck and deal yourself with five random cards. You must include every card you own in your shuffled deck (i.e. you can’t cherry-pick ten cards to shuffle).

Place your cards face up left to right in the order you pull them from your desk, these are your bench cards, then take the card on the right edge and place it in the middle.

This card is now your ‘active card’. Only your active card can be targeted for attacks unless the opponent’s card attack instructions specify otherwise. The first turn is decided by the start year in the bottom left of your card. If your card has an earlier start date, you go first. If the start dates are the same, you will need to toss a coin, or Google ‘flip a coin’.

If you have a special card on your bench, this can be played at the start of your turn and placed next to your active card. Follow the instructions on the special card to know the effects. Sometimes a non-special card will allow you to place it next to your active card. This card’s special effects remain active until your opponent targets it separately and reduces its HP to zero.

Each player takes turns attacking the opposing cards. You will need to keep a note of your card’s current HP and share this with your opponent.

A card is defeated when its HP is reduced to zero. Unless a card ability allows it, you must keep your active card in play until defeated. When defeated, it is replaced with the card on the right edge of your bench. Play continues until you no longer have any bench cards remaining.

Good luck 🤞

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