As of two days ago, Pokémon Go was made available in the UK (woohoo!). Making the childhood and teenage dreams of Generation Y come true, the original cult game has now got its virtual reality form. Users of the game can catch Pokémon (virtual creatures) in real life via their smartphones, thanks to the use of phone cameras and GPS.

So, something strange occurred in GIANT HQ…

When Pokémon Go players are on the move in the real world, the virtual Pokémon character moves on the map with them. Players progress to different levels, and can earn points from doing particular activities.

PokéStops are locations in the game where players are able to gather items such as Poke Balls to capture more Pokémon. These are prominent places nearby to players, and guess what? Giant Towers is one of them! So far, the game has made around $1.6 million (£1.2 million) from iPhone users in the USA.

Have you been playing Pokémon Go? Tweet us your Pokémon Go pictures at @SleepingGiantM! P.S. We’ve heard on the Poké-sphere that the game has been draining players’ battery and data… Did you know that you can download Google Maps specifically for Pokémon Go which will save on your data and battery? Find out more here!