Get your calendars ready, because we’re back in 2016 for another series of exciting GIANT Talks!

February 2016

To kick off the year, we’re holding an informative talk on ‘Local Digital Marketing – How Digital Marketing Has Become Important Again’, on Thursday 25th February at Kent Invicta Chamber, Ashford from 8.30am – 1.00pm.

The talk will be chaired by compere Bryan Hall from Kent Invicta Chamber and our exclusive speaker line up includes: Damon McCollin-Moore from iFour, Steve Hamilton from KM Digital Solutions, Linda Cloke from WeDoSocialMedia, and our very own Luke Quilter from Sleeping Giant Media.

Damon McCollin-Moore from ifour, will be explaining ‘Brand Strategy – What’s That When It’s At Home?’ and how you can go about optimising your brand and marketing strategy for the local market.

Steve Hamilton, Head of Commercial Digital for KM Digital Solutions, will be doing a talk on ‘Don’t Underestimate Local Media in Your Marketing Plan!’, speaking about how life is truly local, even in this digital world! He discusses fear of digital in the marketplace, and advises that the expertise your business needs may be more local to you than you think!

Linda Cloke from WeDoSocialMedia will be explaining ‘Leveraging Social Media to Boost your Local Sales’, covering the tools to use on each of the platforms to search and interact with local people. ¬†She will also cover each of the three content types available (written, visual and video) and how to make the most of them for your product and or service.

Luke Quilter, Managing Director of Sleeping Giant Media, will be discussing ‘How to Optimise For Local Search Marketing’, and will cover the basics of how best to plan your digital marketing for your local market, including: – Optimising your website and PPC – What should you be focusing on to make sure you are seen by your clients locally? – How does this approach differ from a wider focus? – Tools you can use to manage the process more effectively, and what has changed in digital marketing that can affect your efforts.

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April 2016

On Thursday 14th April 2016, we’re holding a very impressive GIANT Talk at the Google UK headquarters in London! More details TBC so keep your eyes peeled!


June 2016

7th June – Details TBC


September 2016

23rd September – Details TBC